10 Causes of Male Infertility

10 Causes of Male Infertility

Kiss. Dr. Latif Küpelioğlu warns males: These days, female and male infertility charges are equal. Simply as we are saying to ladies “Do not be late, do not delay turning into a mom”, we now make the identical sentences to males saying “Do not delay being a father”. Ensure you go to a physician earlier than your age will get older. Furthermore, since male infertility might be detected extra simply than feminine infertility, the possibility of remedy is increased! ”

Male infertility charges have elevated lately. Male infertility charges have elevated from 25 p.c 30 years in the past to 40-45 p.c now. In 45 p.c of households attempting to have a child, the issue is brought on by ladies, whereas in 45 p.c of them it may be male. The remaining 10 p.c seems as infertility, the reason for which is unexplained. Environmental components corresponding to stress and weight problems are thought to have a job in rising this quantity.

“Male infertility can have many causes. These could also be brought on by exterior components or congenital causes. Since male infertility might be detected extra simply than feminine infertility, the possibility of remedy is comparatively increased, ”mentioned Altınbaş College Hospital Medical Park Bahçelievler Gynecology, Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Op. Dr. Latif Küpelioğlu listed the most typical causes of male infertility as follows:

Hormone-induced components:

Sperm manufacturing is underneath the management of hormones expressed as FSH and LH, that are launched from the pituitary gland within the mind. Because of this, irregular secretion of hormones can result in infertility.


Infertility attributable to undescended testis:

The testicles often descend into the ovarian luggage one yr after the newborn boy is born. Wholesome sperm manufacturing additionally causes much less sperm manufacturing than physique temperature. Infertility could happen in the issue of undescended testis.

Testicular tumors:

In the course of the tumor remedy part, sperm manufacturing could also be negatively affected by the medicine utilized by the affected person. This consists of remedies corresponding to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Testicular trauma:

Infertility could happen attributable to accidents and traumas.

Not all males with varicoceles have infertility


If the veins across the testicle develop abnormally, then a varicocele drawback could happen. Not each varicocele case has infertility drawback. Nonetheless, this drawback can set off infertility.

Genetic components:

Genetic issues corresponding to fibrosis, which might be seen with Klinefelter syndrome, are among the many vital causes of infertility.

Environmental components and residing habits:

Destructive components corresponding to occupation, working atmosphere, smoking and alcohol habits can set off varied illnesses or straight trigger infertility.


An infection:

Infections or sexual illnesses are among the many most vital components that trigger infertility. For instance, illnesses corresponding to tuberculosis, sexually transmitted illnesses, gonorrhea can result in infertility.

Structural problems in sperm cells:

The insufficiency of sperm cells by way of quantity, lack of mobility and morphological problems attributable to varied components may cause infertility.


Irregular weight loss plan and publicity to cigarette smoke:

Irregular weight loss plan results in vitamin E deficiency within the physique. As well as, nutritional vitamins corresponding to vitamin C that assist the reproductive system operate correctly are lowered in males who smoke. Situations corresponding to weight problems, extreme sedentary life, carrying tight underwear, and never adopting a wholesome way of life can result in infertility.

Saying “Revolutionary strategies have been developed in male infertility” Op. Dr. Latif Küpelioğlu mentioned, “For instance, if the sperm depend of the person is inadequate, sperm might be obtained from his testicles by Micro TESE technique. Other than this, if the sperm price is over 10 million, the vaccination technique might be utilized earlier than making use of in vitro fertilization, ”he mentioned.

10 Causes of Male Infertility What is IVF treatment?

10 Causes of Male Infertility How to do IVF treatment ? 10 Causes of Male Infertility in vitro fertilization method.

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