5 Stunning Details About Egg Freezing

5 Stunning Details About Egg Freezing

Egg freezing can, in a way, be outlined as stopping the organic clock progressing with age. As a result of because the age of the girl will increase, the opportunity of growing chromosomal abnormalities within the eggs will increase and in consequence, the prospect of being pregnant could develop into tough or unimaginable for the girl, and can also result in miscarriage or being pregnant with anomalies.

However egg freezing just isn’t at all times the right answer. Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Op. Dr. Betül Görgen gave the next details about 5 necessary info you must know in regards to the egg freezing course of:

Take care when freezing eggs

“The egg cell accommodates a whole lot of water and due to this fact crystals shaped because of freezing may cause structural harm. Up to now, egg freezing was not as profitable as it’s at present, so it was utilized to girls who have been more likely to lose all of their reproductive capability resulting from most cancers or different causes.

Because of the brand new method utilized within the final 5 years, egg cells are quickly frozen with out permitting ice crystals to kind. We name this system “vitrification”. Eggs frozen with this system, after thawing, have the capability to conceive, similar to recent eggs. (If taken from a younger lady)


The Reproductive Well being Society of America (ASRM) recommends egg freezing for various teams of girls. One group of them is girls whose reproductive capability shall be broken resulting from chemotherapy, and one other group is girls who wish to disguise their eggs as a result of they don’t have a associate. For many who have a associate, it is suggested to freeze the embryo somewhat than freezing the egg.

Nevertheless, there are inadequate knowledge to advocate egg freezing solely to delay the age of childbearing, in accordance with ASRM. It is usually vital to think about price and probabilities of success.


There are three most important phases in egg freezing. Stimulation of the ovaries, assortment of eggs and freezing of eggs. For step one, eggs are grown utilizing ovarian stimulant medicine and you must be adopted 5-6 occasions throughout this time. This course of takes about two weeks after which egg assortment is carried out underneath gentle anesthesia.


Frozen eggs are then thawed, fertilized and transferred as embryos. The prospect of being pregnant is greater if egg freezing is completed at a younger age (20s and early 30s). Non-obligatory egg freezing may be performed overseas and the girl is given extra freedom and stress-free time to search out the best associate.


Even when a girl freezes her eggs at an early age, this isn’t a assure that she is going to develop into pregnant. In research performed with frozen eggs of girls underneath 30 in Europe, being pregnant charges vary from 36 to 61 %. Because of a examine performed on the College of California, a girl in her 30s with 15 frozen eggs has a 30 % probability of taking a child residence along with her personal eggs. That chance is 40 % for a lady in her 30s, with 25 eggs frozen. ”

5 Stunning Details About Egg Freezing What is IVF treatment?

5 Stunning Details About Egg Freezing How to do IVF treatment ? 5 Stunning Details About Egg Freezing in vitro fertilization method.

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