Superior Reproductive Well being

Superior Reproductive Well being

Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Op. Dr. Numan Bayazıt gave details about the reproductive well being of older girls.

What is supposed by superior age? How is reproductive well being affected with age?

It’s 42 years and over, expressed as superior age. It isn’t a straightforward factor to attract the border age line, the place fertility and the potential of being pregnant with IVF are additionally diminished. Nonetheless, it may be mentioned that it will get tougher after 44. Nonetheless, if the individual has simply acquired married and the variety of ovaries remains to be good, it may nonetheless be tried. Age is a vital think about IVF therapy. As a result of the variety of eggs of girls decreases with age, and the standard of those few eggs could deteriorate. Due to this fact, the potential of creating a high quality embryo within the laboratory decreases with age. This could fluctuate from individual to individual. Time is essential for girls who’ve IVF at superior ages. For this, it could be mandatory to gather eggs instantly after the egg hatches or to create an embryo instantly after amassing the egg.


What are the strategies utilized to extend the prospect of being pregnant at a sophisticated age?

PRP and complete chromosome evaluation are strategies that enhance the prospect of being pregnant at a sophisticated age. The method to older girls with weak eggs has modified. There are adjustments within the frequency of egg assortment, the best way they’re adopted, and easy methods to create and use embryos. Within the PRP technique, the blood taken from the girl is primarily enriched with thrombocyte. It’s then injected into your ovaries. Some potential eggs are tried to be activated by this course of. Nonetheless, this technique is at present not a way that may be advisable to everybody and might profit everybody. The identical goes for complete chromosome evaluation. If the genetic construction of the embryo is broken because of the incapacity to conceive at a sophisticated age, the potential of being pregnant might be elevated with the prospect of research. Fairly than rising the likelihood of being pregnant and reside start, it will increase the likelihood of getting pregnant extra shortly, stopping miscarriages, and having a wholesome child.

Superior Reproductive Well being

Kiss. Dr. Numan Bayazit

What’s the significance of the laboratory on this course of?

With the change within the therapy method for older girls, the success charges in IVF have additionally modified considerably. Now, extra strong steps are taken. Because the variety of embryos created will increase, the potential of acquiring being pregnant will increase. Because the destructive outcomes of the girl lower, her braveness will increase and the disconnections within the therapy disappear. In consequence, these developments within the laboratory have an effect on the entire course of positively. With the advances within the laboratory, we have now turn out to be capable of carry out long-term procedures associated to the girl’s egg extra safely. All of this created extra motivation for the affected person, the physician and everybody who labored on this course of.


What’s the technique of egg freezing? Who can do it?

The egg freezing technique has turn out to be crucial for all girls. Right here, we are able to divide older girls into two as single and married. As a result of considered one of them has a male sperm phenomenon, the opposite doesn’t. Single girls even have an opportunity to freeze their eggs. Nonetheless, one mustn’t wait too outdated to freeze eggs. It’s particularly vital to use earlier than 37. Egg freezing course of is a 15-day course of. The method is profitable with menstruation, the eggs develop for 10 days, and the eggs are collected on the twelfth day. Egg freezing is restricted by legal guidelines in our nation. With a purpose to carry out this process, the variety of eggs within the lady has begun to lower, a household historical past equivalent to early menopause or a therapy equivalent to most cancers therapy needs to be required.

Superior Reproductive Well being What is IVF treatment?

Superior Reproductive Well being How to do IVF treatment ? Superior Reproductive Well being in vitro fertilization method.

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