Various Strategies in IVF Therapy

Various Strategies in IVF Therapy

What’s the position of fibroids and polyps in IVF remedy? How do mions and polyps have an effect on IVF remedy? Is laparoscopy or hysteroscopy mandatory earlier than IVF remedy? In vitro fertilization stem cell and ozone remedies are utilized to whom?

Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Op. Dr. Gurur Polat, answered these questions in Every thing For My Well being.


“Myomas are onerous, stocky, flesh tumors and benign tumors. They’re extraordinarily unlikely to show into most cancers. Nevertheless, they negatively have an effect on IVF remedy as a result of mass impact. For instance, the placement of myoma is essential; If myoma is within the uterus even whether it is near 1 cm, once we switch the embryo inside, it is going to make being pregnant troublesome. Whether it is within the wall of the uterus, its dimension turns into essential. If a fibroid within the center wall is 3 cm or extra, it is going to nonetheless scale back the possibility of being pregnant. However whether it is fully outdoors the uterus, this kind of fibroids, even bigger than a tangerine and even an orange, will hardly have an effect on the probabilities of being pregnant. Subsequently, fibroids of 1 cm or extra within the uterus; Whether it is on the wall, fibroids of three cm or extra needs to be eliminated. Nevertheless, it isn’t essential to go to surgical procedure for fibroids outdoors of the uterus (stalked fibroids). If the meat known as polyps is a protrusion like mole, it doesn’t have an effect on the possibility of being pregnant whether it is within the cervix. If it doesn’t stop us from getting into the embryo into the uterus, we don’t must take the polyp there. However it’s helpful to take it to see if there’s a cancerous space and ship it to pathology. If this polyp is just not within the cervix however within the uterus, the factors in myoma are additionally legitimate for it. It needs to be eliminated if it’s a 1 cm or barely bigger polyp. Make the polyp onerous, chunky; If my uterine fibroids, make it comfortable. There isn’t any assure to grasp this with any methodology apart from ultrasound and even MRI. However there’s no use to grasp. As a result of the chance of intrauterine polyps to include most cancers is kind of low. ”

Various Strategies in IVF Therapy

Kiss. Dr. Gurur Polat

“These are surgical strategies carried out underneath basic anesthesia. Whether it is sure that IVF or micro injection will probably be utilized; For instance, if a lower within the variety of sperm depend in a person has been seen earlier than, with a medicated uterine movie during which the tubes are blocked, there isn’t a must look into the uterus. If one thing is there, it is going to already be seen on the ultrasound. Laparoscopy is the method of getting into and looking out inside with cameras with the assistance of stomach holes. If we’re doing IVF, our job is now not concerning the outdoors of the uterus or the tubes, however the within the uterus. In different phrases, the within of the uterus should be clean. ”


“In Europe, particularly in Germany, hypnosis or acupuncture has been utilized subsequent to the tube child. As well as, ozone remedy and stem cell therapies have turn into remedy strategies that may be utilized along with IVF. There are two sorts of stem cells. These; It’s the manufacturing of sure stem cells in a biopsy taken from the pores and skin after which their switch into the uterus or a sure a part of the blood is separated from the blood and this group is given into the uterus. This methodology is particularly utilized to girls who haven’t beforehand achieved any form of thickening within the uterus, there was no thickening or adhesion regardless of further medicines, after which adhered once more regardless of opening a couple of times and can’t maintain the embryo inside as a result of an entire intrauterine cavity can’t be shaped. Ozone remedies, then again, have a stress-reducing impact. Stress is our largest enemy in IVF; pulls being pregnant charges down. Nevertheless, this sort of impact appears to be drastically decreased after main ozone remedy. ”

Various Strategies in IVF Therapy What is IVF treatment?

Various Strategies in IVF Therapy How to do IVF treatment ? Various Strategies in IVF Therapy in vitro fertilization method.

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