Azoospermia and Its Therapy

Azoospermia and Its Therapy

The therapies utilized within the case of azoospermia are carried out by the Gynecology and IVF Specialist Op. Dr. Seval Taşdemir advised All the things for My Well being.


After we take a look at all infertility instances, what’s the ratio of male infertility in comparison with different infertility issues?
In IVF remedy, if we will get hold of an egg in a girl and a sperm in a person, we will obtain being pregnant by fertilizing it underneath laboratory situations and inserting it within the mom’s womb. Subsequently, the quantity and high quality of sperm we will get hold of in males have a huge effect on the success charges in IVF remedy. When wanting on the basic charges, one third of infertility issues are brought on by issues that concern each ladies and men, one third of girls and one third of males.

Each the remedy and the detection of male infertility is far simpler in comparison with ladies. Contemplating the overall averages, the occasions to use to us might be utilized at an earlier age. As a result of it’s a easy technique for males to have their controls or sperm counts and to research them underneath laboratory situations when in comparison with ladies. Because of the spermiogram, we will consider whether or not the male has infertility downside or not. Within the analysis of the spermiogram after three or 5 days of sexual abstinence, the sperm rely ought to be over 15 million. Particularly 50 % to 60 % of the prevailing sperm ought to be within the class of sperm that’s quick ahead and follows it. Additionally, no less than 4 % of the prevailing sperm ought to be in regular sperm form. Decreases in these parameters seem as male infertility. Easy degree; In different phrases, slight decreases in these parameters also can have an effect on. Even right now, we use sperm magnet vaccination methods. It may be achieved three or 5 occasions, relying on the age of the girl and the length of marriage.

Azoospermia, which we name probably the most extreme male infertility; It doesn’t imply much less, it signifies that there isn’t any sperm within the semen. These affected person teams will not be the one group of sufferers. In different phrases, if there isn’t any sperm within the semen, it isn’t the fitting strategy to take the affected person on to the Micro TESE process and direct it to the remedy. After we come throughout such a affected person group, there are pre-checks to be achieved. Its genetic construction should be examined. Particularly some areas on the Y chromosomes. The evaluation that evaluates whether or not there’s a disconnection within the areas we name A, B, and C is essential. A genetic examination that we name a Y microdeletion. Sadly, if there’s a disconnection within the A and B areas, sadly, it isn’t potential to deal with these sufferers. If Y microdeletion is nice, we take a look at his cariogram for absolute. As a result of if there’s a dysfunction within the karyogram, it’s a scenario that requires genetic examination. Subsequently, chromosome evaluation ought to be checked. As well as, hormone controls ought to be checked in males. Relying on the hormone construction, drug remedy could also be required earlier than taking the sufferers on Micro TESE. These sufferers are the group with congenital hormone deficiency. If we take these sufferers on to Micro TESE, we can not discover sperm. Nonetheless, to start with, if the sufferers are handled with three months of remedy, sperm outflow happens into the semen. After sperm output is made to the semen, it’s essential to take the affected person fully for IVF remedy.

Azoospermia affected person teams with hormone deficiency should take no less than a three-month drug remedy program earlier than receiving remedy. After which, if no sperm comes out into the semen, it ought to be taken to the Micro TESE process. If their hormones are regular or excessive, vitamin-supplemented drugs ought to be given to them. Micro TESE is probably the most detailed sperm search approach in sperm tissue underneath microscope. Even when only a few sperms have been obtained, we will nonetheless get the prospect of remedy. If we can not get hold of sperm in any approach, sadly, it isn’t potential to deal with these affected person teams.

Azoospermia and Its Therapy

Kiss. Dr. Seval Tasdemir


What’s sperm magnet vaccination utilized in accordance with the diploma of infertility? Which males with infertility issues do you apply this to?
It’s a approach that enables the number of larger high quality sperm among the many current wholesome sperm and sperm with excessive fertilization means. It offers the prospect to type out sperm with DNA fragmentation defects throughout the inner construction of sperm that seem regular externally. It may be used each in in vitro fertilization and in vaccination approach. It has a severe impression on the success fee.


For what different causes do males have issues with their sperm rely or high quality?
A few of them are congenital. The variety of reproductive cells isn’t sufficient or could also be too few. Another excuse is the febrile illnesses of the pregnant ladies within the womb throughout being pregnant or the harm of the sperm-producing cells within the excessive fever that the boy had in his childhood. For instance, we will cite mumps an infection. Mumps virus particularly settles within the testicular tissue, inflicting the cells settled within the sperm tissue to degenerate. When that space is totally degenerated, no sperm could also be obtained. In different phrases, inflammatory illnesses and infectious illnesses may cause the destruction of sperm producing cells within the testicular tissue with the an infection often called gonorrhea-gonorrhea in maturity. Additionally undescended testicles in childhood; If these are identified within the early interval and might be downloaded with an operation, sperm manufacturing can happen in these affected person teams. If it stays till later ages, the belly temperature can have an effect on the sperm-producing cells very negatively, and if the testicle decreasing operation is carried out at superior ages, sadly, we can not get hold of sperm in these affected person teams.

As well as, habits reminiscent of smoking, alcohol, poisonous substances and hookahs have a damaging impact on sperm. Weight problems weight downside can be one of many components that negatively have an effect on sperm in males. Stress, consuming habits are all components that may have a damaging impression on male reproductive well being.


In what conditions could sperm freezing be wanted in males? How is the sperm freezing technique achieved? How lengthy can a frozen sperm be saved?
After radiotherapy and chemotherapy, there could also be irreversible ends in reproductive cells. Because of this, we advocate males to freeze their sperm earlier than getting into the sort of remedy. As a result of no sperm might be obtained afterwards. In some males, it might be potential that sperm can lower and disappear fully through the years. If there may be such a scenario, we have to take the sperm into the freezing program. Or, if there are too many sperm left after the Micro TESE process, they are often frozen. Particularly if the individual has azoospermia and if Micro TESE is carried out for examination functions solely, if there’s a sperm obtained because of this course of, it ought to be frozen. As a result of the following time sperm is probably not discovered. If sperm is discovered, these instances shouldn’t be wasted.

Particularly in the summertime holidays who could come to Turkey. They know whether or not they have an issue with infertility or in the event that they do, they need to search remedy. Is a sure preparation interval required, particularly if a process reminiscent of sperm freezing is to be carried out? Or, after arrival, can the {couples} be achieved with examinations in addition to sperm or egg freezing?
When these sufferers arrive, we will begin their procedures instantly. In some affected person teams, if pre-treatment is required, we no less than begin these therapies. Certainly Turkey is now the main nation within the discipline of well being. We’re significantly profitable within the discipline of IVF. The variety of sufferers making use of to our nation from overseas is growing daily. The outcomes are additionally very clear. They return with their infants of their arms. I like to recommend that sufferers don’t waste time.

Azoospermia and Its Therapy What is IVF treatment?

Azoospermia and Its Therapy How to do IVF treatment ? Azoospermia and Its Therapy in vitro fertilization method.

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