Causes and Remedies of Recurrent IVF Failure

Causes and Remedies of Recurrent IVF Failure

What’s IVF failure? What are the causes of recurrent IVF failure? What are the choices for repeated unsuccessful IVF remedies? All these questions Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Op. Dr. Gurur Polat He answered in All the pieces For My Well being.

. What are the remedies utilized in recurrent IVF failures?
“It’s doable that the take a look at tube child is not going to damage once more; Nonetheless, if there is no such thing as a recurrent being pregnant, there have to be a motive underneath it. This must also be checked out. The explanations weren’t identified till the final 3-4 years. A lot of this was regarded as genetic, linked to chromosomes. It was mentioned like this with households, and it was even mentioned, ‘I want he had achieved, however we might get a second probability in a second IVF and check out it’. Nonetheless, immediately we’ve got some knowledge and checks. For instance, white spheres within the feminine physique; They’re wandering round within the blood to battle micro organism, viruses and microbes. However generally these white spheres exaggerate their function a bit of and confuse their function. They take a hostile angle. Truly, this isn’t unreasonable. As a result of half of the embryo comes from the daddy whose DNA construction and chromosome construction are completely different. Due to this fact, particularly white cells within the uterus or different circulating secretions, particularly lymphocytes, understand the embryo as an enemy and assault it. As soon as there may be such a factor, it’s checked.

Causes and Remedies of Recurrent IVF Failure

Kiss. Dr. Gurur Polat


Second, hostile secretions are checked out. The next examples could be given to those secretions: The principle motive for having rheumatoid arthritis in a 15-year-old younger boy is that the human physique secretes hostile towards his personal physique. In different phrases, the physique of that younger particular person is making a hostile secretion towards his joints. Some goiters additionally happen because of hostile secretions made by the physique towards its personal thyroid gland. Coronary heart rheumatism or systemic lupus can also be linked to such hostile assaults. In IVF; If the mom has secretions which can be hostile to her personal physique, these secretions additionally hit the embryo. As a result of TSH receptors (thyroid hormone receptors) are additionally current on the embryo. The identical hostile secretion assaults the embryo because it assaults the mom’s thyroid. Or, once more, there are numerous combating secretions that we name antibodies much like this one. When these assault the embryo, it turns into tough for the embryo to outlive. Even when the embryo overcomes this hazard and begins to carry on, it turns into tough to deepen and develop steadily after it holds. Early abortion or intrauterine deaths are extra frequent in these sufferers.


Thirdly, if there are recurrent pregnancy-free failures; The tendency to clot within the blood of the expectant mom is checked. This additionally has sure checks. A few of it’s genetic. The explanation for trying on the expectant mom is that sperm in a really restricted space has an impact on the incidence and absence of being pregnant. If a sperm fertilizes the egg and makes the embryo, and the embryo is a high quality embryo, then the connection between the embryo and the uterus is examined. An optimistic or pessimistic relationship between the 2 is suspected if there’s a case of failure or retention and subsequent loss. If there’s a tendency to clot within the mom’s blood, she may have to make use of some blood thinners in superior ages. However the half that impacts us is; When there are non permanent stenosis or blockages within the capillaries that feed the uterus, it causes a malfunction within the diet of the embryo. However moreover this, a second impact is that blood thinner needles suppress some immunity (physique protection techniques). Then, blood thinners needs to be added to IVF remedy. Thus, these dangers could be overcome. ”

Causes and Remedies of Recurrent IVF Failure What is IVF treatment?

Causes and Remedies of Recurrent IVF Failure How to do IVF treatment ? Causes and Remedies of Recurrent IVF Failure in vitro fertilization method.

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