Likelihood to Turn into an Aged Mom with Egg Freezing Technique

Likelihood to Turn into an Aged Mom with Egg Freezing Technique

The egg, in different phrases “oocyte freezing” course of is carried out to protect this potential of a lady in reproductive age. Egg freezing is particularly really useful for individuals who will obtain most cancers therapy that damages ovarian tissue equivalent to chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The variety of girls conceiving is growing day-to-day because of the eggs they freeze after the therapy is over. Memorial Antalya Hospital IVF Middle Supervisor Assoc. Dr. Murat Özekinci gave details about egg freezing.


In wholesome girls, egg reserve begins to lower considerably after the mid-30s. It’s because girls are born with a sure egg reserve and this reserve steadily decreases with age. The standard of the egg cell expelled in every menstrual cycle additionally decreases with growing age. In some girls with lowered egg reserves, the reproductive interval could also be shorter than anticipated. On this sense, girls who’re 35 years previous and should not have a wedding plan inside 5 years are in danger. If the egg freezing process has not been completed earlier than, the potential for conceiving after the age of 40 decreases with these strategies. The likelihood of a 40-42-year-old girl to have a child by IVF methodology is 7-15 %, and the prospect of those folks to conceive spontaneously is far decrease than these charges.


Conceiving turns into troublesome within the final 10 years near menopause in all wholesome girls who haven’t any threat elements or medical necessity. The tactic of freezing the eggs of girls who’re conscious of this at a youthful age after which conceive utilizing these eggs is named social or elective freezing. Individuals need to defend their reproductive potential relying on their very own will. This group of girls constitutes nearly all of all egg freezing cycles overseas. In truth, it’s a very powerful parameter for a lady to indicate egg reserve and high quality and potential for conception. Within the final 15 years, advances in egg freezing and thawing expertise be sure that cell losses and damages after freezing and thawing are lowered to a really low stage, and thus pregnancies and births are elevated.


Genetic circumstances have an effect on egg reserve. Girls whose mom, sisters, or cousins ​​had menopause earlier than the age of 40 could also be in danger. Individuals with a household historical past of early menopause ought to undoubtedly be evaluated by gynecologists and obstetricians skilled in copy. In such a threat willpower, it must be really useful to gather and freeze the ovaries underneath ultrasound after stimulating their growth. Later, even when these folks enter menopause, it’s attainable for them to get pregnant by utilizing the eggs they’ve frozen previously.


Remedy strategies equivalent to radiotherapy or chemotherapy used for most cancers therapy can injury the ovarian tissue in girls, inflicting a lower in egg reserve and lack of fertility. In such instances, the egg cells or tissue will be frozen earlier than therapy and saved in in vitro fertilization facilities for later use. As well as, it’s attainable to freeze and retailer the eggs within the detection of decreased ovarian reserve by ultrasound or hormone values ​​within the blood. These eggs, which had been frozen earlier than, will be mixed with the sperm of the partner after the individual will get married and an embryo will be obtained. With the switch of those embryos, it’s attainable for the individual to grow to be pregnant and provides start.


In some instances, surgical procedures to the ovarian tissue and even full elimination of the ovary could also be required as a result of mass or ailments within the ovary. In such a case, egg cells will be developed earlier than the operation and picked up underneath ultrasound and frozen and saved in IVF facilities. If the individual has decreased or misplaced egg manufacturing on account of such surgical procedures, the wholesome eggs that had been beforehand frozen will be thawed after which mixed with the sperm of his spouse and changed into embryos. Being pregnant will be achieved by transferring these embryos.

Likelihood to Turn into an Aged Mom with Egg Freezing What is IVF treatment?

Likelihood to Turn into an Aged Mom with Egg Freezing How to do IVF treatment ? Likelihood to Turn into an Aged Mom with Egg Freezing in vitro fertilization method.

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