Egg and Sperm Freezing in IVF Therapy

Egg and Sperm Freezing in IVF Therapy

Those that are interested by egg and sperm freezing, Obstetrics and IVF knowledgeable from Istanbul Girls’s Well being and IVF Heart Op. Dr. Nurettin Türktekin instructed The whole lot For My Well being.


What’s the egg freezing course of, how is it? Which ladies do you advocate the egg freezing methodology to?
Egg freezing is a process that’s normally completed to guard the fertility of single ladies or for medical requirements. Most cancers illness might be given for instance of medical necessity. It’s identified that fertility is affected after cancer-related therapies. For this, eggs might be frozen earlier than most cancers therapy and saved for future use. Though it was initially thought of for most cancers sufferers, this methodology, which was fairly profitable, began to be most well-liked socially. Social-purpose egg freezing methodology might be utilized to people who find themselves not married, who don’t consider getting married but, or who’re thought to have some issues of their fertility.

Are there numerous ladies who need to freeze their eggs socially? Are their numbers rising steadily?
This quantity is regularly growing. Regardless that generally every little thing appears regular, it may be too late for every little thing when the girl is confronted with a scarcity of ovarian reserve, even when she has common menstruation. For that reason, we advocate examinations and controls for fertility over the age of 25, yearly or a minimum of each three years. If a girl is over the age of 25, she ought to bear a gynecology examination a minimum of as soon as each three years, if potential, even when she shouldn’t be married. This may be demonstrated very simply with a easy ultrasound methodology, maybe with a blood check. If deemed acceptable, then the eggs might be saved. Egg freezing might be saved till the time of marriage and in vitro fertilization.


What’s embryo freezing? How lengthy can or not it’s saved?
A affected person who applies for embryo freezing together with his authorized partner has the correct to freeze for 5 years. When the individual completes 5 years, if there may be any justification, it may be prolonged for five extra years with the present authorized rules by writing a petition to the provincial well being directorates.


When does ladies’s medical ovarian reserves lower?
A lady’s most fertile age is round 24. Plates with a minimal lower from 24 to 35; that’s, it turns into secure. After 35, critical decreases start and the 40s turn into a interval after we are actually struggling and might expertise high quality issues even when eggs are obtained. The necessary factor is the standard egg with excessive potential for being pregnant. That is why a 25-year-old girl ought to seek the advice of a health care provider for gynecological exams, even when she shouldn’t be but married. It’s clearly understood on ultrasound that the ovarian reserve is decreased. The uterus and ovaries are seen within the gynecological examination of the affected person. 7-10 follicles in every ovary; that’s, eggs should be seen. If this isn’t seen, a blood check is carried out and it’s determined whether or not there’s a downside.

Egg and Sperm Freezing in IVF Therapy

Kiss. Dr. Nurettin Turktekin


How is the preparation interval for egg freezing? Does it require hospitalization after the process?
Underneath regular situations, there are a whole bunch of hundreds of eggs within the ovary. A sure variety of eggs begin to develop every month; however one among them involves the purpose of cracking and has the potential to turn into pregnant. As much as 30 eggs might be obtained, relying on the scenario, when the therapy is began with medication that require the manufacturing of girls, specifically needles or capsules. These are collected identical to within the IVF course of after which frozen. No hospitalization is required.

Which males do you advocate the sperm freezing methodology to?
In truth, males are very fortunate in comparison with ladies on this respect; As a result of males can repeatedly produce sperm from stem cells till their 70s. For that reason, it’s freezing in males in circumstances of medical necessity somewhat than social. For instance, sperm freezing might be completed earlier than a most cancers therapy or testicular surgical procedure. It may be frozen in males till they need to marry and use it. Nonetheless, sperm high quality in males may decline with age. After the 40’s, some chromosomal breakdowns and deformities might be seen. However there may be not such a dramatic decline like ladies.


How is the embryo frozen?
The third or fifth day is usually most well-liked for embryo freezing. However the highest quality embryos are the fifth day embryos. The largest distinction of the fifth day embryo from different embryos has small cells and a big fluid area within the center, which might acquire quantity and break down the cell throughout freezing. For that reason, to begin with, when the fluid contained in the cell is taken out, and after freezing and thawing, that liquid regains its vitality by coming into the cell itself once more. Now, quick freezing, which we name this vitrification, might be achieved with wholesome turns with none issues, with an embryo at 35-37 levels descending to -200 levels in a short time inside seconds.

Is egg, sperm or embryo freezing a secure process? Or how secure is it? How can safety be offered on this regard?
There’s a chip, digital witness system. It’s a particular system created by the system for every incoming affected person, recognized with a chip like a citizenship quantity. Whereas the individual enters the process, he / she has the chip system he / she carries on his / her wrist to learn. The display in each room reveals who that individual is, who his spouse is, who his physician is. Each the affected person and the physician are confronted with identities. This fashion there’s a secure setting. After we return to the laboratory, this individual is saved within the extra gear for use within the working room with the identical chip and quantity included within the system beneath the gear and on the covers. And when the individual doing the transaction has it learn to the system, it matches the identification of the identical individual once more. In brief, there isn’t a risk of any error right here.

Is it potential to switch the frozen egg, embryo or sperm to a different location? Or ought to or not it’s saved solely within the middle they gave?
Technically obtainable present expertise permits as much as 17 hours of switch journey. However there could also be issues in customs cross proper now. From Istanbul to a different metropolis, there will not be any issues within the quick switch to a different middle in Turkey.

People who find themselves contemplating an IVF therapy and need to freeze sperm, eggs or embryos may be {couples}. An individual dwelling overseas could make such transactions in Turkey embryo, it’s potential to freeze sperm and egg?
An individual dwelling overseas it’s potential to make such transactions in Turkey. Whether or not he’s a overseas citizen or a Turkish citizen, he can get it completed. Yearly after freezing, a signature is obtained from that individual to proceed once more in return for signature. If the individual is overseas, they’ll scan the signed file and ship it by way of e-mail. For freezing, a signature and affirmation are required after the allow expires.

Egg and Sperm Freezing in IVF Therapy What is IVF treatment?

Egg and Sperm Freezing in IVF Therapy How to do IVF treatment ? Egg and Sperm Freezing in IVF Therapy in vitro fertilization method.

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