Embryo Choice and Switch in 5 Questions

Embryo Choice and Switch in 5 Questions

Embryologist Özkan Oktay, Sevil Ünal and Burcu Tırpancı from Istanbul IVF and Girls’s Well being Heart instructed The whole lot for My Well being in regards to the people who find themselves inquisitive about embryo choice and switch.


Embryologist Özkan Oktay: It’s the sperm preparation and choice strategies used for in vitro fertilization and micro injection procedures. DNA harm in sperm cells causes a lower in fertilization price. In latest research, it has been noticed that DNA-damaged sperms are related to being pregnant losses after IVF procedures. Spermchip is a technique that doesn’t require centrifugation. This permits the number of sperms with free oxygen radicals and DNA harm. This technique, which is closest to nature, has been ready based mostly on the passage of sperm within the cervical canals. Sperms passing by these channels are made prepared for micro injection with out DNA harm.

Embryo Choice and Switch in 5 Questions

Embryologist Özkan Oktay


Embryologist Sevil Ünal: In IVF therapy, sure phases reminiscent of cleansing of eggs and denudation course of are supplied 2-4 hours after the gathering of eggs developed with the assistance of medication. After these phases, the highest quality sperm chosen by microinjection technique is injected into every egg with a particular machine known as micro-manipulator. Roughly 12-18 hours after this course of, fertilization findings are checked and the event of the fertilized egg is adopted. The method takes roughly 3-5 days within the laboratory surroundings. The event of every creating embryo is monitored step-by-step each hour and it’s aimed to pick the highest quality embryo.

Embryo Choice and Switch in 5 Questions

Embryologist Sevil Ünal


Embryologist Sevil Ünal: {Couples} who apply for IVF therapy can switch the hereditary illnesses they carry to embryos at totally different charges. Genetic examinations on embryos be certain that wholesome embryos are chosen and transferred to the mom’s womb. The cells taken from the embryos that develop on the third or fifth day are examined and the wholesome embryos detected are transferred to the mom’s womb. Genetic examination is really useful in instances of superior age, {couples} who haven’t achieved profitable outcomes regardless of having many trials for in vitro fertilization, or who’ve had recurrent being pregnant losses regardless of being pregnant. Genetic evaluation can be really useful for {couples} with sure genetic anomalies on DNA reminiscent of chromosomal anomalies, thalassemia, sickle cell anemia.


Embryologist Burcu Scythe: After the microinjection course of, embryos are adopted up at their very own oxygen, carbon dioxide and warmth ranges till the times of switch with out being uncovered to the exterior surroundings. Embryoscope is an embryo tradition medium produced with the most recent know-how. This machine permits photos to be taken and saved from embryos each 20 minutes. On this approach, sluggish or speedy improvement and abnormalities in embryos may be detected. Thus, the closest embryo to make sure being pregnant may be chosen. It has been noticed that research performed with the embryoscope have elevated being pregnant charges by 10 % and diminished abortions by 10 %.

Embryo Choice and Switch in 5 Questions

Embryologist Burcu Scythe


Embryologist Burcu Scythe: Extra and top quality embryos obtained throughout IVF therapy may be frozen and saved. Frozen embryos have each psychological and financial advantages to sufferers. This technique is completed in a laboratory surroundings with a course of known as vitrification. Embryos are frozen in a managed method regularly by passing by liquids of sure density and may be saved in liquid nitrogen at -196 levels for years. Survival charges of frozen embryos after thawing differ by 95-One hundred pc. The being pregnant success charges supplied by transfers with frozen embryos are as excessive as contemporary transfers.

Embryo Choice and Switch in 5 Questions What is IVF treatment?

Embryo Choice and Switch in 5 Questions How to do IVF treatment ? Embryo Choice and Switch in 5 Questions in vitro fertilization method.

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