Embryo Switch and IVF Remedy

Embryo Switch and IVF Remedy

Elements affecting success in IVF therapy and how you can enhance success, Obstetrics and IVF Specialist from Istanbul Ladies’s Well being and IVF Heart Op. Dr. Suzan Gençsoy advised Every thing for My Well being.


Are the success charges totally different between ladies who’re utilized IVF therapy and vaccination technique?
In reality, vaccination and IVF therapy are sometimes confused. There’s a elementary distinction between vaccination and IVF; Vaccination is a pure technique, fertilization takes place in a pure atmosphere within the tube. Solely we observe the eggs from the entrance and decide that the egg is prepared. Within the interval after that, when the fertilization capability is established inside this 24 hours, we inject the sperm cells taken by the accomplice into the uterus. Nonetheless, if the sperm go from the uterus to the within of the tube, discover the egg in a pure atmosphere and create appropriate circumstances, fertilization happens. In different phrases, fertilization happens naturally and spontaneously in a pure atmosphere. The likelihood of getting pregnant because of this therapy is round 15 to twenty p.c, at most in the perfect circumstances. Nonetheless, in IVF therapy, we fertilize the egg and sperm cell in a laboratory atmosphere. After the eggs mature throughout the egg monitoring, we aspirate them to the exterior atmosphere and take them.

In embryo laboratories, we mix the egg and sperm underneath sterile circumstances by our embryologists and observe them throughout the subsequent interval. We switch the embryo into the uterus based on the event of the embryos, the variety of cells and after we decide that the uterus has reached an acceptable state. In different phrases, we place the infant candidate within the uterus. In fact, the possibilities of getting pregnant on this case are a lot greater. In fact, this additionally depends upon some elements, it could possibly work otherwise for everybody. Possibilities of success differ relying on many elements, particularly age. Beneath the perfect circumstances, we are able to anticipate as much as 70, 80 p.c probability of success. In different phrases, it may be 20 p.c in vaccination on the one hand, and as much as 80 p.c in IVF on the opposite. So we are able to anticipate three to 4 instances greater success in IVF.


What are the elements that have an effect on the success of a pair in a girl who has IVF utilized? Is one in every of these ladies age? What different elements might be brought on by the girl or the person?
Absolutely multi-factor; that’s, it’s a multi-factor course of. Crucial issue affecting the possibilities of success in IVF is the age of the girl. Male age is just not essential. As a result of cell manufacturing in males is continually producing new cells each three months all through their lives. So the male age issue is just not essential. In fact, there could also be some lower and reduce within the erection with age; nevertheless it does not matter as new cells are produced. In ladies, new egg cells usually are not produced all through their lives. In different phrases, when ladies are born, what number of eggs are of their ovaries, they devour them through the years. No new cell manufacturing. Nonetheless, this variety of eggs decreases over time and when the girl approaches the age of menopause, these eggs are depleted. Because the variety of eggs decreases with age, a restricted variety of eggs stay, particularly within the 40s over the age of 37-38. We do IVF with these. Not solely the variety of eggs is reducing, but in addition the standard of the eggs. Particularly the DNA construction is disrupted. Simply because the cells in our physique age, these egg cells additionally age and their genetic construction deteriorates. Due to this fact, it additionally impacts the embryo high quality. Crucial issue affecting the possibilities of success in IVF is the age of the girl.

Embryo Switch and IVF Remedy

Kiss. Dr. Suzan Gencsoy


What elements are there apart from the girl’s age?
We’ve an expectation relating to the construction of the embryo. Higher high quality embryos are shaped in younger ladies. We’ve a scenario to decide on the perfect amongst extra embryos. Sometimes, there are some issues within the genetic construction, some illness carriers can happen, and it may be brought on by the feminine or male within the household. Once we determine them, after all, with the intention to choose the wholesome embryo amongst these embryos, we could must do genetic examination of the embryos to pick out the embryo that doesn’t have this illness.

If a random switch is made, the possibility of success could be very totally different after we have no idea about this downside. Once we determine this downside and act selectively, we are able to obtain greater success. Nonetheless, on the one hand, we look at the embryo, and alternatively, we observe whether or not there’s any downside within the pure atmosphere that we’ve got transferred, specifically the uterus and genetic organs of the girl. If there are some formations similar to fibroids within the uterus, they are often intervened. As a result of when myoma grows within the uterus, it could possibly adversely have an effect on the event and formation of the transferred embryo.

Typically there could also be some adhesions within the uterus. After any earlier gynecological an infection or gynecological surgical procedure, the anterior and posterior partitions of the uterus could also be connected to one another. This clearly reduces the possibility of being pregnant. As well as, if there’s a blockage within the tubes, and if fluid accumulates within the tube, it’s a phenomenon we name a hydrosalpinx gland. Since these fluids movement again into the uterus, it could possibly stop the embryo transferred to connect and develop. On this case, after all, the possibilities of success could be very totally different. Once we detect such a factor, we get rid of these issues earlier than some issues within the uterus or issues within the tubes come to the embryo switch within the IVF. We function the hydrosalpinxes laparoscopically and take away the formations from there, or if there are any formations similar to polyps, fibroids, adhesions within the uterus, we appropriate them with hysteroscopic surgical procedures. After that, we are able to make a switch and get greater possibilities of success.


There can also be IVF failure brought on by males. How do you act in such a scenario? Are there some methods to information you in selecting the perfect sperm?
Years in the past, sperm cells typically don’t come to the skin atmosphere in males. When there have been no cells, even IVF couldn’t be finished years in the past. Now, with new methods, when there is no such thing as a sperm cell, that’s, in instances we name azoospermia; With micro TESE surgical procedures, cells could be taken from contained in the testis. There’s the IMSI technique to look at the problems in DNA construction amongst these sperms. It’s a technique that permits to pick out the sperm that may have the perfect being pregnant return by enlarging it by 6 thousand instances and analyzing it in additional element.


How does single-double embryo switch happen based on authorized laws?
In response to the newest regulation, we are able to switch one embryo to ladies underneath the age of 35. Previously, two or three embryos might be transferred and a number of pregnancies might happen. There might be triplets, not simply twins. Due to this fact, one embryo is transferred underneath the age of 35. Nonetheless, if he has had two unsuccessful makes an attempt, we are able to switch two embryos to extend the possibility on his third try. In case you are over the age of 35, you could have the suitable to switch two embryos if desired.

How do you make your embryo choice?
Incubators through which embryos are saved are environments that mimic the pure atmosphere. Embryos could be saved on this atmosphere and prior to now, they have been taken out of that atmosphere as soon as a day and examined underneath a microscope to see what number of cells they’ve and the way they develop. Presently, the entire growth is adopted by a video recording from the start to the top with the embryoscope technique, dwell digital camera. On this approach, we are able to select the perfect wholesome embryo that develops. therapy of overseas individuals coming to Turkey from overseas or Turks dwelling overseas are topic to the identical restrictions embryos.

What ought to individuals from overseas take note of? What number of days ought to they spare for such an examination?
In the event that they get in contact earlier than they arrive and have some checks finished of their nation earlier than they arrive, this therapy is normally accomplished inside 20-25 days. The day after embryo switch, they’ll journey again to their nation or metropolis. Nonetheless, in some instances, some endoscopic procedures could also be required. In different phrases, on this case, since all of the remedies can’t be finished on the identical time, it could be like a month delay.

Embryo Switch and IVF Remedy What is IVF treatment?

Embryo Switch and IVF Remedy How to do IVF treatment ? Embryo Switch and IVF Remedy in vitro fertilization method.

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