Free Papa’ s Freezeria To Go! Version 1.2.2

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Free Papa’ s Freezeria To Go!

Construct and serve sundaes at the go with this brand-new version of papas freezeria, with gameplay and controls reimagined for android telephones!

youve simply commenced a calming summer job at an oceanfront ice cream save, however matters get anxious while all of papa louies clients arrive at the island! Youll want to whip up delicious freezer sundaes through pouring ice cream, adding mixables and syrups, mixing sundaes, including whipped cream and toppings, and dont forget about the cherry on top for a super summertime treat!

youll want to multitask among every region of the restaurant, with new controls designed to paintings simply right inside the palm of your hand. Head to the order station to observe for clients ready within the foyer. Transfer to the build station to combine ice cream and mixables for every sundae. Jump to the mixture station to combine sundaes until theyre combined just right. Hop to the top station to pour whipped cream and toppings earlier than serving the sundae in your choosy customers. Every station is a arms-on experience, in which youll need to tug, swipe, and faucet your manner through the sundae-building process.

hold your customers satisfied to earn factors and level up. As your degree rises, youll free up new toppings for the store, and new customers will begin to go to the freezeria! A nicely-crafted sundae also earns you recommendations, which you could spend on enhancements and decorations for the foyer!

** new for papas freezeria to go**

papas freezeria to go is redesigned and reimagined for smaller screens, so your palms wont get within the way of the movement!

control with your thumbs – youll switch stations the use of buttons within the corners of the screen, perfect on your thumbs. You may additionally use buttons in the top corners to speedy transfer order tickets, and you could view all your order tickets in a zoomed-in mode for smooth reading.



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