IVF Therapy and Reproductive Well being in Girls

IVF Therapy and Reproductive Well being in Girls

What’s the significance of reproductive well being? How a girl ought to be ready for being pregnant; what ought to he take note of? What are the causes of painful menstruation? Is painful menstruation a standard state of affairs? What are the developments in IVF therapy? Medistate Hospital Gynecology and IVF Middle Accountable Prof. Dr. Oya Gokmen, He talked in regards to the developments in ladies’s reproductive well being and in vitro fertilization in Every little thing For My Well being.

. What’s reproductive well being? How does it matter for girls?
” Reproductive well being refers to your future well being, your reproductive well being, and your well being after copy ends. For this, the mom who gave beginning to it’s best to do what is critical earlier than giving beginning to you and through being pregnant. Thus, you may be wholesome if you find yourself born, you may be wholesome sooner or later and you may be wholesome throughout your menopausal years. In consequence, the higher your mom took the time to consider you and to conceive with you and the higher she sorted you throughout being pregnant, the more healthy it is possible for you to to create a wholesome technology.


. How a girl ought to be ready for being pregnant; what ought to he take note of?
” * Whereas getting ready for being pregnant, smoking ought to be deserted, if any. Smoking critically impairs sperm high quality in males and egg high quality in ladies. Those that are people who smoke who’re considering of being pregnant ought to detoxify themselves for not less than three months.

* Those that have a nonetheless life ought to put themselves in an energetic type for 3 months. This cellular type will change their metabolism; It should activate your hormones and make them a little bit more healthy. All this may imply wholesome spermatogenesis and wholesome egg growth.

* Some dietary supplements (dietary supplements) are required. These dietary supplements ought to be taken on a schedule and primarily based on what sure important substances are within the blood. For instance, iron deficiency anemia in Turkey is an excessive amount of. If a mom has iron deficiency anemia, she could have problem conceiving. Even when the child is conceived, the mom goes via a really troubled being pregnant interval because the child empties the mom’s iron shops. “


* As well as, analysis ought to be completed when it comes to calcium and magnesium; Liver perform assessments, blood fat and most significantly, sugar ought to be identified. In our nation, insulin resistance is noticed with a excessive fee in younger women because of polycystic ovary and polycystic ovary. Accordingly, since weight achieve and insulin resistance set off one another, we encounter irreversible cysts within the polycystic ovary that didn’t crack once we have been younger women. Subsequently, if a younger woman who has gone via this course of and desires to turn out to be pregnant, she ought to be ready for being pregnant by figuring out what insulin resistance is.

* In a brand new research, it has been proven that the blood sugar circulating within the first trimester of being pregnant, which we name hemoglobin a1c, is essential and if that is excessive in moms, these infants are chubby and they’ll turn out to be diabetic sooner or later. Subsequently, after taking a look at weight, insulin resistance and blood sugar, which is essential, if a husband and spouse are defending himself, each effort is made to settle a wholesome fetus when conceiving.

* Consanguineous marriage can also be at a excessive fee in our nation. So as to not undergo sooner or later, it’s essential to go to the preimplantation analysis of in vitro fertilization the place a wholesome embryo can be supplied.

IVF Therapy and Reproductive Well being in Girls

Prof. Dr. Oya Gokmen


. What are the causes of painful menstruation? Is painful menstruation a standard state of affairs?
” The rationale for the painful menstruation is that the younger woman experiences a course of associated to the cracking of her egg when her interval happens. A course of goes via for the hypothalamus ovarian axis to achieve stability. There could also be eggs that don’t hatch throughout this era as properly; The eggs that crack and don’t exit can turn out to be cysts or it could be the start of endometriosis, which is the position of intrauterine tissues outdoors the uterus. These are all very separate conditions. However laparoscopy shouldn’t be beneficial to a younger woman as a result of she has ache. As a result of he can be afraid it doesn’t matter what. Subsequently, the method ought to be adopted intently. The hormones and whether or not the eggs are cracked within the first three days of menstruation ought to be checked with ultra-tomography. If there’s a cracking drawback, a therapy is given for it and the ache is stopped. Contraception tablets can be utilized to cease ovulation for some time. It should be mentioned that this course of can also be non permanent; It should settle in 6-8 months. If it isn’t sitting however has elevated severely, then a laparoscopic strategy will be entered with the suspicion of endometriosis as an additional diagnostic step. ”


. What are the developments in IVF therapy?
” There are actually extra patient-friendly remedies in IVF remedies. Quick protocols are used. There’s a new strategy for polycystic ovarian sufferers, that are frequent in our nation. Even in case you give these sufferers the bottom dose whereas creating eggs, this egg may also develop excessively, it may make acid within the stomach, and water can circulate into the third cavities we are not looking for, which we name hyperimulation syndrome. To stop this, we freeze the eggs after we obtain them. And in that cycle, we do not give the embryos inside, so we do away with hypersimulation. The affected person calms down and enters a sure relaxation interval. You put together the within after one or two cycles with oral tablets; embryos are ready in a number of ready-made tubes. You place it inside by age. Our success has elevated quite a bit with the quick freezing technique we name nitrification. So this is likely one of the most vital improvements. Shorter remedies and subcutaneous remedies are additionally utilized in patient-friendly remedies. Aside from that, we apply customized therapy protocols to sufferers. These are utilized in accordance with the affected person’s age, physique mass index, historical past, pelvic and gynecological historical past. There’s additionally a preimplantation genetic analysis. Not just for consanguineous marriages, we have now the know-how to pick wholesome embryos by inspecting completely different chromosomes in unsuccessful IVF infants, to place wholesome embryos inside, and to see how shortly these embryos divide in a closed and exterior atmosphere, how wholesome they’re, and to decide on the higher one. These applied sciences have pushed us additional in IVF success. ”


. What’s your suggestion for {couples} whose first try at IVF therapy failed?
” Each couple who can be utilized IVF ought to be properly knowledgeable about this problem first. Sufferers ought to be knowledgeable that fifty out of 100 individuals who can be handled with this therapy will turn out to be pregnant, and 35 or 40 % of those 50 will take a child house. In England, the place IVF was born, the speed of taking a child house was 32.2 final yr. Virtually one out of each three makes an attempt. Subsequently, the affected person ought to act with this consciousness. Second, IVF is a considerably costly therapy. Individuals need to promote all of their property and end it the primary time. Nevertheless, we have to share that this monetary misery can’t be over to forestall folks from feeling worse. The affected person also needs to begin therapy with constructive vitality. Some folks come throughout after 5 tries and a few after zero makes an attempt. There are not any sufferers with zero makes an attempt anymore. There are at all times previous sufferers who’ve been handled very properly and haven’t stored the schedule. We have to take particular care of these sufferers and clarify that if there’s the slightest gentle on this topic, we’ll go in direction of that gentle. ”


. What are the success ends in in vitro fertilization trials at superior age? Are there some developments that drugs gives on this regard?
” Success in IVF and being pregnant is proportional to age. After the age of 35, the possibility of being pregnant decreases by 10 % annually. The success fee, which fits between 35-40 % in IVF till the age of 35, decreases to single figures equivalent to 3-6 % after the age of 40. Subsequently, it shouldn’t be late. If we have now younger daughters with early menopause of their household historical past and are going to get married late, the Ministry has permission to freeze their eggs. We will take and freeze their eggs after taking a look at their very own hormones in these with a household historical past; They will use their very own eggs every time they need sooner or later. However they should not wait across the age of 38 or 40 for that. ”

IVF Therapy and Reproductive Well being in Girls What is IVF treatment?

IVF Therapy and Reproductive Well being in Girls How to do IVF treatment ? IVF Therapy and Reproductive Well being in Girls in vitro fertilization method.

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