IVF Therapy

IVF Therapy

Through which affected person group is IVF remedy utilized? How is ovulation induction (egg growth) utilized? What’s egg assortment and microinjection methodology? How is embryo switch utilized? What’s frozen embryo switch?

Istanbul IVF and Girls’s Well being Heart Girls’s Well being and IVF Specialist Op. Dr. Suzan Gencsoy answered all questions in All the pieces For My Well being.


. Through which affected person group is IVF remedy utilized?
“Usually, for being pregnant to happen, a mature egg and high quality sperm want to seek out and fertilize one another. This normally happens within the lady’s tubes. One mature egg is ejected in the midst of every cycle, throughout which period it has reached its fertilization capability inside 12-24 hours. In the meantime, fertilization happens throughout this era, if it meets with sperm, being pregnant happens. In some instances, that is completely not potential. On this case, IVF remedy is utilized as the primary selection. If each tubes of the girl are closed, which is among the most necessary causes, being pregnant doesn’t happen in any approach usually or by vaccination. On this case, IVF is chosen as a remedy. As well as, if the sperm depend of the person may be very low or if the scenario akin to zero sperm is utilized, in vitro fertilization remedy can also be applicable on this case. ”


. How is ovulation induction (egg growth) utilized?
” In IVF remedy, it’s aimed to develop and mature multiple egg to extend the possibility of being pregnant. For this, on the third day of the cycle, the doses of the medicine are adjusted in response to the affected person’s weight, age, egg reserve and a few hormonal assessments and the remedy is began. Injections are administered daily and because of these needles, the affected person is adopted up in ultrasound examinations each 3-4 days. The event and development of eggs is noticed. Within the meantime, it’s applicable to cut back or improve the doses in response to the response to earlier remedies and every so often in response to the response of the ovary. This remedy course of takes a mean of 8-12 days and the eggs are thought-about to be mature and if that is confirmed by hormonal assessments, the egg assortment course of is began. ”

IVF Therapy

Kiss. Dr. Suzan Gencsoy


. What’s egg assortment and microinjection methodology?
” Whether it is thought that the egg has matured after egg induction, the egg assortment course of is began. This course of is a process carried out below anesthesia, below vaginal ultrasound steering and working room situations. Any ache or downside doesn’t happen. Within the meantime, the follicles are emptied and brought into particular tubes and delivered to the gynecologist. On the identical day, the person additionally provides sperm by masturbation. The sperms and eggs given are fertilized after microinjection methodology. Through the follow-up for a couple of days, the switch course of is began after the event of the embryos. ”


. How is embryo switch utilized?
” Embryo switch is the implantation of the fashioned embryos into the uterus. This can be a fully painless methodology. There isn’t a want for any anesthesia. Since this process is carried out on the identical day (on the day of switch) with ultrasound, the affected person’s bladder should be full. On the similar time, with the assistance of ultrasound, the embryos fashioned are transferred into the uterus with the catheter in a really elegant approach. This switch course of is adopted by a ready interval of 12 days, and after this era, a being pregnant take a look at is carried out on the blood to examine whether or not being pregnant has occurred. ”


. What’s frozen embryo switch?
” After regular IVF remedy, one or two embryos are transferred. We’ve got the appropriate to switch one embryo below the age of 35 and two embryos above the age of 35. If there are numerous embryos of fine high quality, these are frozen and saved for an additional experiment. Within the meantime, if being pregnant doesn’t happen or if the affected person conceives, provides start and needs to have a baby once more, frozen embryos can be utilized. Earlier than these frozen embryos are transferred, follow-up is began on the third day of the affected person cycle. On this case, solely the thickening of the uterine membrane is adopted and the hormonal ranges are monitored on the similar time and the uterus is made appropriate earlier than transferring the embryo. When that is detected, one or two of the embryos are thawed and embryo switch is utilized. On this case, we observe that our likelihood of being pregnant is at the very least as profitable because the contemporary cycle. ”

IVF Therapy What is IVF treatment?

IVF Therapy How to do IVF treatment ? IVF Therapy in vitro fertilization method.

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