Micro Tese Process in IVF

Micro Tese Process in IVF

One of many options in circumstances of infertility and incapability to have a child attributable to male origin is the remedy aimed toward acquiring sperm from testis with the “micro tese” try. So, what ought to be thought-about earlier than micro tese operation? Are there any sperm retrieval strategies apart from micro tese? What are the checks to be achieved in sufferers with azoospermia?

Istanbul IVF and Ladies’s Well being Heart Urology Specialist Op. Dr. Osman Ceylan all questions In The whole lot For My Well being answered.

What ought to be thought-about earlier than micro-tese operation?

“The rationale for” azoospermia “(absence of sperm within the semen) in males could also be a congenital or an acquired drawback. Congenital causes could also be because of the extra chromosome numbers (47 chromosomes corresponding to Klinefelter syndrome) or the lack of some areas on these chromosomes.

If it happens later, for instance, surgical operations could trigger this. After the hernia surgical procedure or undescended testicle surgical procedure, the sperm can not come out after the ducts are blocked. Azoospermia could happen for a sure time period or completely in oncological ailments, sufferers who’ve undergone chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Azoospermia may happen because of infections within the testicles, which we name orchitis attributable to mumps and mumps after adolescence. There may additionally be blockages within the sperm ducts attributable to tuberculosis or sexually transmitted ailments. On account of these, azoospermia will also be seen.

In these sufferers, if spermiogenesis returns after two and a half three years, they will have a wholesome youngster. “


What’s the Micro Tese course of?

“We do the micro-tese process for sufferers who we name nonobstructive azoospermia, that’s, there is no such thing as a sperm within the ejaculate. Since we predict that there’s manufacturing within the amenities of those sufferers, the method is carried out. The intervention is carried out within the working room below normal anesthesia or native anesthesia. The testis of the affected person is opened and the tubules within the type of chambers are taken and despatched to the laboratory below the microscope. The aim of that is to take much less tissue, trigger much less harm to the affected person and get higher outcomes. If we take extra tissue from the affected person, testosterone manufacturing of the affected person might be prevented. “

Micro Tese Process in IVF

Kiss. Dr. Osman Ceylan

What are the sperm retrieval strategies apart from micro tese?

“Apart from micro-tese, if we predict that the affected person is retrograde, ie sperm escaping into the bladder, we give these sufferers a remedy with medicine. Right here, we will make errors come from the tip of the penis throughout ejaculation by contracting the bladder neck. If we aren’t profitable on this, we’ll give the affected person an alkaline liquid and make his urine alkaline. After masturbation, the affected person urinates and the combination we’ve got obtained is centrifuged, the sperms listed below are taken and can be utilized in IVF process. Nevertheless, we don’t need to use the sperm that escape into the bladder.

As well as, if obstructive obstruction is taken into account attributable to obstruction or a surgical process; From the epididymis or amenities of those sufferers, we will aspirate the sperm with an injector and use these sperms within the IVF process in a wholesome manner. ”

Assessments to be achieved in sufferers with asoospermia

“Aside from blood checks that ought to be achieved routinely in males with azoospermia, we could request hormone checks. Amongst these, follicle stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone, prolactin hormone secreted from the pituitary gland, in addition to testosterone hormone secreted from the power ought to be particularly taken care of.

If there’s an abnormality and incompatibility between these hormones, for instance, if the prolactin hormone is simply too excessive, pituitary MRI is requested and the pathologies right here might be distinguished. In these sufferers, we will carry out y chromosome microdeletion and karyotype evaluation to see if there are deletion areas on the chromosomes or chromosome numbers based on the hormone profile. ”

.What are regular spermiogram values?

“Within the spermiogram, the variety of sperm per 1 mm ought to be not less than 15-20 million and in complete round 40 million. If we take a look at their actions, group A actions, that’s, 4 + 4 actions, are 25 %, and group B actions are roughly 25 %, and 50 % motile sperm in complete are thought-about regular based on WHO knowledge. In morphology, values ​​above about 4 % are accepted as regular based on WHO knowledge. “

Micro Tese Process in IVF What is IVF treatment?

Micro Tese Process in IVF How to do IVF treatment ? Micro Tese Process in IVF in vitro fertilization method.

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