Microchip Technique for Male Infertility Remedy

Microchip Technique for Male Infertility Remedy

Probably the most progressed points in IVF therapy is the sphere of male infertility. Anadolu Medical Middle Gynecology, Obstetrics and IVF Specialists Assoc. Dr. Tayfun Kutlu and Dr. Ebru Öztürk Öksüz mentioned, “Sperm choice is essential. When a affected person with a sperm drawback comes throughout, the components which will trigger this sperm drawback ought to be thought-about first, if there are any potential causes, they need to be handled, and if vital, adjustments ought to be deliberate of their life types ”.

In IVF therapy, the therapy of sufferers with sperm issue is briefly referred to as the method of selecting the right sperm below the microscope and inserting it within the egg, particularly intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI). Dr. Tayfun Kutlu mentioned, “On the day of egg assortment, sperm samples are taken to not exceed 3-4 days of sexual abstinence, and after the laboratory preparation, one of the best sperm is mixed with the egg by ICSI technique.”

You should not be hopeless straight away

Emphasizing that some vitamin dietary supplements (equivalent to vitamin E, vitamin C) could profit sperm manufacturing, it has been noticed that using antioxidant medicine equivalent to carnitine could have a constructive impact not too long ago. Dr. Tayfun Kutlu mentioned, “Remedy strategies are additionally potential for sufferers with no sperm in ejaculate (Azoospermia). Due to this fact, there isn’t any want for these sufferers to instantly despair. In these sufferers, sperm will be surgically obtained from the testicles. If there’s a drawback associated to sperm manufacturing, all take a look at tissue is examined below a microscope with mycotoxic surgical procedure and sperm is tried to be discovered. If there may be an obstruction, sperm aspiration is carried out with the TESA technique, which is a a lot easier process ”.


Stating that the strategy of choosing sperm with microchips in male infertility has been on the agenda not too long ago, Dr. Ebru Öztürk Öksüz mentioned, “The microchip technique was first carried out by a Turkish scientist at Harvard. With the microfluidic chip technique, wholesome sperms are separated from the DNA construction and the best sperm will be chosen. Thus, sperm is chosen for the healthiest sperm each by way of DNA construction and below the microscope, and the possibility to acquire the highest quality sperm will increase.

Microchip Technique for Male Infertility Remedy What is IVF treatment?

Microchip Technique for Male Infertility Remedy How to do IVF treatment ? Microchip Technique for Male Infertility Remedy in vitro fertilization method.

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