Pure IVF Remedy and Its Benefits

Pure IVF Remedy and Its Benefits

What’s drug remedy in IVF? What are the benefits of pure IVF remedy? Who ought to drug-free tube child? What’s the success charge in drug-free IVF methodology? Is it attainable to use drug-free IVF remedy to ladies with polycystic ovary syndrome and chocolate cyst? What are the elements that enhance success in IVF? What number of instances ought to IVF remedy be tried? What’s the place of IVF remedy in Turkey on the earth? Istanbul Gynecology and IVF Heart Obstetrician Op. Dr. Nurettin Turktekin, He gave details about drug-free IVF or pure IVF methodology.


. Tubes should trigger the child remedy? What’s the function of drug remedy in IVF?

“Usually, individuals can conceive spontaneously; however we have now a reproductive system that works to supply one egg. For instance, some breeds of animals can produce seven or eight offspring, whereas the human race can produce one egg and get one offspring every. In IVF remedy, it’s desired to acquire a lot of eggs. Thus, we want to have an alternate, purchase loads of eggs and select. Plus, even when being pregnant happens, let’s freeze and retailer it in order that when this affected person desires a toddler once more, we have now high quality embryos that we beforehand frozen. Thus, a second threat is prevented when it comes to each monetary and hormone loading to the affected person. Due to this fact, the primary function of drug use is to take a lot of eggs. Once we use medication, we are able to get 5, seven, ten or fifteen eggs. Particularly there are polycystic ovarian sufferers who carry many eggs; Thirty and forty eggs can hatch. ”


. What’s the drug-free (pure) IVF methodology?

” Drug-free (pure) IVF methodology is utilized to the affected person group with lowered ovarian reserve and untimely ovarian failure. Even when these sufferers are given injection remedy, eggs can’t be taken; one, two or three eggs hatch. On this case, injection negatively impacts the standard of that current egg. In these sufferers, we select the pure means of utilizing its personal FSH, its personal hormone. Once we say drug-free, we don’t give an injection, however we give the affected person a tablet. With this tablet, we stimulate the pure FSH of the individual’s mind hormones. One or two current eggs with their very own hormone are beginning to develop or not. If it has not grown, we predict that egg is just not very top quality and we cross that month. The opposite month, two three and one stunning eggs are rising; much less egg is coming. Thus, we enhance the possibility of getting being pregnant. ”

. Which ladies are really useful to make use of pure IVF methodology?

Pure remedy is a really preferrred remedy for sufferers with early menopause, superior pure menopause, ovarian reserve surgical procedure, chocolate cyst surgical procedure, very low variety of remaining ovaries, even when they’re younger, and the uncooked state of the egg is lower than 5 when considered with ultrasound. ”

Pure IVF Remedy and Its Benefits

Kiss. Dr. Nurettin Türktekin


. What’s the benefit of pure remedy?

” In regular IVF remedy, sufferers are handled with needles for about ten days and ten to fifteen eggs are obtained. Nonetheless, when the needle is used for ten to fifteen days in sufferers with fewer eggs, the variety of eggs is low, and a few detrimental results of the needle happen. Years later, it was realized that three eggs obtained with capsules as an alternative of 5 eggs obtained by needles produced a outcome that would result in a way more being pregnant. As a result of the needle grows by forcing the egg. In a affected person with fifteen eggs, we have now one or two losses or badly growing eggs, however we don’t say that a lot. As a result of it has twelve to 13 eggs occurring. Nonetheless, being pregnant cannot be achieved by taking three eggs with a needle. However as an alternative, we get an egg or two eggs and get the next charge of being pregnant. As a result of it’s not uncovered to the detrimental results of the needle. ”


. What’s the success charge in pure IVF methodology?

” The affected person group with a low variety of eggs is a tough affected person group. This course of is finished to the pool of sufferers; What number of may be taken one by two, three by one, after these eggs turn into embryos, the standard ones are frozen and saved. The purpose is to acquire a minimum of two or three high quality embryos. When this quantity is reached, the switch is made. As such, being pregnant charges is not going to be equal to a affected person with a number of eggs. However the scenario is that we have to benchmark; If we injected the identical affected person group or used capsules, that’s, if we went with out remedy, there’s not an enormous distinction in being pregnant charges, however the charge of taking a child within the lap modifications so much. It is very important conceive a affected person, however the primary result’s to have a wholesome little one in your arms. Being pregnant also can happen within the remedy with injection, however cardiac arrest, detrimental pregnancies that we name empty sac biochemical being pregnant are extra widespread. However in pure remedy, the results of holding the wholesome little one is increased. ”

. Is a lady with a chocolate cyst appropriate for pure IVF methodology?

” Egg reserve is vital in ladies with chocolate cysts. It has a chocolate cyst, however its reserve may be very robust; There are twenty eggs. Regular IVF is utilized to those ladies. But when a lady is older and has an issue along with her ovarian reserve, a pure IVF is carried out. ”


. What are the elements that enhance success in IVF?

“There are elements that we are able to and can’t change in IVF remedy. For instance, we can’t change a lady’s age, however we are able to change her weight. We help a lady with insulin resistance, smoking and weight issues in these issues. We count on him to shed pounds first; We help it with the medication we use for insulin resistance; We encourage him to give up smoking. These helps are additionally legitimate for males. These are elements that we are able to repair. However generally every part appears regular in a gaggle of sufferers who’ve had a number of makes an attempt and didn’t get outcomes. If we do not progress on this group, one thing is likely to be neglected. For that reason, some surgical procedures and a few superior laboratory exams could also be required. Embryo growth within the laboratory in the end takes place outdoors of the mom’s womb, in a man-made surroundings. Though we attempt to obtain this with gadgets, we are able to maintain an embryo alive outdoors for a most of six to seven days. However the mom’s womb at 280 days; She lives 9 months and 10 days and ends in beginning. Due to this fact, if we felt a connection between the exterior surroundings and its sturdiness, the changes concerning laboratory circumstances might change. We by no means open the embryoscope for 5 days. We place the embryo within the mom’s womb with out ever taking it out. Or we use some new strategies of sperm. In any case, we additionally observe the sperm and select the one which strikes quick and the form is easy. However generally there could also be a dysfunction within the DNA construction of sperm. Very new present strategies have emerged that separate them, we are able to use them. ”


. When the primary or second try fails in IVF remedy, how a lot relaxation interval is left in between? Does this time matter in pure IVF methodology?

” If pure remedy is utilized, it’s continued instantly as there isn’t a hormonal downside within the physique. Nonetheless, if the needle was utilized in excessive doses, a minimum of one menstrual interval is predicted as there are some irregularities in a standard remedy. After menstruation, it’s seen from the ultrasound picture that the hormonal imbalance or the follicles are nonetheless not deflated. Due to this fact, it’s saved ready in order that our possibilities of success don’t lower within the remedy we’ll give. Second, the psychology of the affected person is essential. Confronted with such an issue, the affected person might not really feel prepared to start out the second remedy. Then a postponement is made. ”

Pure IVF Remedy and Its Benefits


. Extra sufferers coming from international locations which Turkey for remedy in vitro fertilization?

“Particularly many sufferers from our neighbors, European and Center Jap international locations come for IVF remedy. Turks residing in America additionally come due to the supply and value of the healthcare system there. The extra sensible remedy in Turkey, there’s a cause arising from the selection simpler and so much cheaper. The primary cause for choice is at all times success. Turkey, as in lots of industries, but additionally on the earth when it comes to in vitro fertilization. Whereas a sure commonplace can’t be exceeded in Europe, there’s an surroundings the place we act extra comfortably on the initiative of docs. Insurance coverage establishments in Europe are very oppressive on this regard. ”

. What sort of course of awaits individuals who will come to IVF remedy from overseas? How lengthy have they got to remain?

“We’re at present utilizing social media very actively. Sufferers ship lots of their examinations on social media earlier than they arrive. He shares the date of arrival and return flight ticket with us. Since we have now some further exams executed and ask them to come back, he solely has a treatment-focused time. Usually, it is going to take loads of time to get the exams, to make a brand new one, to attend for a brand new interval. Thus, the method is lowered to 13 to fifteen days. ”


. IVF methodology may be utilized to ladies at what age is the utmost restrict?

” Each girl with an egg is a candidate for IVF. It takes an egg, a sperm and a uterus to make an IVF. If these three can be found, we’ll go our means. The absence of sperm is simpler. As a result of our urologists can discover it by surgical procedure from the ovary, utilizing the TESE methodology. However ladies aren’t very fortunate on this regard. We can’t predict when the ladies’s reserve will finish. Nonetheless, we are able to do some preliminary analyzes. We’ve got 45-46 years previous sufferers who conceived. After all, it’s extra comforting for us to use earlier than the age of 40-42. As a result of we purchased an egg this month it turned out poor high quality; Subsequent month we should purchase it once more and it’ll take a while earlier than we discover it. ”

Pure IVF Remedy and Its Benefits What is IVF treatment?

Pure IVF Remedy and Its Benefits How to do IVF treatment ? Pure IVF Remedy and Its Benefits in vitro fertilization method.

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