Untimely Egg Failure

Untimely Egg Failure

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist from Istanbul IVF and Girls’s Well being Heart Op. Dr. Aret Kamar gave details about the causes and therapy of early egg failure.

How does the dearth of eggs have an effect on the IVF course of?

Since we get extra eggs from sufferers with many eggs, we’ve an opportunity to create extra embryos. We even have sufferers with few eggs. In brief, we’ve feminine sufferers with 20-30 eggs on one aspect and 1-2 eggs on the opposite. Sufferers with fewer eggs could be a little extra troubled. Usually, if the egg is fertilized when micro-injection is made and an excellent embryo begins to develop, that’s, if every thing goes easily, the switch is made. However we could not all the time be this fortunate. As a result of generally one or two eggs can come, generally the egg will be dangerous. Generally it might not be fertilized or an excellent embryo could not develop. Usually, many sufferers who come to the IVF process are sufferers with few eggs. As a result of they wrestle many occasions, sufferers with extra eggs get pregnant sooner as a result of they’ve a variety of possibilities.


What’s behind the idea we name untimely egg failure? Why does egg capability lower in girls and particularly from what age?

Usually, after the age of 35, the variety of eggs physiologically begins to lower. In Turkey, comparable to on this case. After the age of 40, the eggs start to lower sooner and if the variety of eggs is greater than their youth, comparable to 44-45, they proceed to menstruate. Across the age of 50-52, they enter menopause. Girls with low egg reserves are usually those that are born with a low variety of eggs, those that must have most of their ovaries eliminated with a surgical procedure comparable to cyst surgical procedure, or these whose egg quantity decreases after receiving radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Folks expertise egg insufficiency and reserve deficiency as a consequence of these causes. There’s not a lot to do with these sufferers. As a result of the variety of eggs can’t be elevated.

The extra eggs there are within the ovary, the higher the reserve of the girl and it signifies that she may have a late menopause. If there are few ovarian precursor or candidate cells within the ovary, in brief, if a girl with few reserves, it’s probably that she’s going to enter menopause earlier. When an examination is made on this regard, the girl needs to be warned instantly. A lady can discover out her egg reserve with a check known as the AMH check. There’s additionally a check known as FSH. FSA additionally exhibits egg reserve; however the FSA is a check that varies from month to month. On this sense, it isn’t a really dependable check. However AMH will not be like that. For AMH, you possibly can see it firstly, on the finish, in the midst of the menstrual cycle, while you need it. Values ​​under 1.5 point out that ovarian reserve is low. When the temperature falls under 0.5, the hazard bells are ringing. Subsequently, if a girl doesn’t wish to be examined, not less than she ought to have the AMH check and study the standing of her egg reserve.

You additionally established the Affiliation for the Safety of Fertility. Are you able to discuss somewhat bit about this affiliation?

IVF is mostly seen as a therapy technique for many who don’t have any kids in our nation. However with the newest developments within the IVF laboratory, freezing methods have superior lots. We will freeze and thaw embryos one after the other. Near 99 % comes again as we freeze it. In the identical means, we are able to freeze the eggs one after the other and defrost them one after the other. Almost 90 % of them are resolved in the identical means if the girl is younger. So now we’ve the chance to freeze and retailer issues. How we are able to retailer the issues we purchase an excessive amount of in our buying within the deep freezer; It might probably retailer a girl’s or a person’s egg, ovarian tissue or sperm.

It may be most cancers at a younger age. Earlier than the therapy, the girl or man needs to be educated about freezing. Additionally it is vital that the physicians who present the therapy are guided. Freezing the eggs or freezing the ovarian tissue over the course of time ensures that the ovaries will not be affected by subsequent therapies. No less than after this therapy, even when the feminine affected person enters menopause, she has the prospect to have a baby along with her frozen eggs sooner or later.

Usually, a preparation needs to be began after menstruation as a way to get an egg. Injections are utilized for 10-12 days after which the eggs are collected. However generally it may be an emergency and it must be collected tomorrow. Whether it is discovered to be dangerous for the girl to have needle remedy and the gathering of eggs, the therapy is began instantly and the egg tissue is frozen. With laparoscopy, among the ovarian tissues are eliminated and they are often finely separated and frozen. After which, when the most cancers therapy is completed, the ovarian tissues taken will be transferred to their outdated place and even when the girl has entered menopause at the moment, these transplanted tissues can revitalize the ovarian tissue there and make the girl menstruate once more. This affiliation exists to boost these consciousness. These individuals reserve the prospect to have kids sooner or later.

Untimely Egg Failure

Kiss. Dr. Aret Kamar

These frozen tissues will be saved for 5-10-15 years. Most cancers therapy is a therapy that normally takes 5 years. If no recurrence has occurred inside 5 years, the most cancers is taken into account defeated and after that, follow-up is began. After these follow-ups, if there is no such thing as a drawback, if the girl has entered menopause however desires to have a baby, these tissues will be melted and transferred to the place the place they’re taken from the ovary by laparoscopy. It may also be transplanted underneath the membranes known as peritoneum within the stomach; as a result of it is rather skinny. Wherever they’re positioned, they’ll maintain their lives there in some way. The scenario is way simpler for males. The process is accomplished with the sperm donation of the person. As soon as it offers sperm, we are able to take it sufficient to attempt an IVF for 3-5-10 occasions, freeze it and retailer it.


Do they return to the form of ovaries after transplantation?

After transplantation, it will get blood and begins to work like ovarian tissue. Everybody’s reserve is completely different. If the girl has most cancers and has 1-2 eggs, it is rather logical to freeze the ovarian tissue. For instance, for those who freeze 1-2 eggs, we may have nothing left if the trial will not be profitable sooner or later. But when the ovarian tissue is frozen and transplanted sooner or later, it would develop into a working organ after the transplant and can give an egg. So it is possible for you to to get eggs from the identical organ over and over. Subsequently, it’s rather more advantageous to freeze the ovarian tissue in such sufferers, comparable to girls with poor ovarian reserve.

Turkey, the place IVF therapy on this planet? For the therapy or IVF eggs, sperm, embryos from which nations persons are coming to Turkey for freezing strategies like?

Turkey, on this respect we are able to say that the entire world competing nation. In comparison with Europe and America, it’s made for nearly one third. So many in Africa, the Center East, the affected person can come to Turkey from america and even the European nations. Sufferers from England and Germany can come. Turkey rather more profitable than overseas by way of in vitro fertilization.

Untimely Egg Failure What is IVF treatment?

Untimely Egg Failure How to do IVF treatment ? Untimely Egg Failure in vitro fertilization method.

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