Causes for Not Getting Pregnant

Causes for Not Getting Pregnant

One out of each seven {couples} affected by infertility issues in Turkey. For individuals who try to conceive, the adverse results of the being pregnant take a look at carried out each month brings a critical disappointment. In such circumstances, in vitro fertilization may be thought-about because the final possibility. Nevertheless, earlier than beginning remedy, it’s essential to assessment the quite common and incessantly noticed potential causes of infertility.

Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist from Eurofertil IVF Heart. Hakan Özörnek lists 5 causes for infertility and what must be carried out as follows:


Polycystic ovary syndrome causes irregularity in menstrual cycles and a rise in male hormones. It’s seen in about 10 to fifteen p.c of ladies. It is without doubt one of the commonest causes stopping ovulation in girls. Along with being obese, overweight, or underweight, an imbalance within the thyroid glands can even have an effect on ovulation.

What must be carried out:
Being wholesome and at a really perfect weight will increase fertility. It’s helpful to examine whether or not there are medical issues corresponding to polycystic ovary syndrome with some screening and checks. If you already know that you just can’t ovulate, you’ll be able to discuss to your physician and ask him to refer you to reproductive remedy that could be most excellent for you.


No less than half of reproductive issues stem from male infertility. Particularly, altering environmental components, modifications in residing and consuming habits trigger male infertility to extend regularly. In case your partner is obese and smokes, it signifies that he / she prevents you from getting pregnant.

What must be carried out:
The very first thing to do needs to be to drop some pounds and stop smoking. Then, your associate ought to see a physician and have a sperm depend.


A lady is born with a sure variety of eggs. Nevertheless, over time, the variety of wholesome eggs decreases. The speed of being pregnant for a wholesome 30-year-old girl is round 20 p.c. In early menopause seen at an early age, the primary symptom is menstrual irregularity.

What must be carried out: To maintain your eggs wholesome, the very first thing to do is drop some pounds and stop instantly if you happen to smoke. If you’re attempting to conceive and your wholesome egg depend just isn’t ample, you’ll be able to seek the advice of your physician and select probably the most applicable remedy for you. At this level, it’s obligatory to begin remedy as quickly as potential.


Endometriosis illness is also referred to as chocolate cyst among the many individuals. It’s a illness characterised by the location of the intrauterine membrane tissue (endometrium), which allows girls to have common menstruation each month, within the tubes, ovaries and / or intra-abdominal membrane. There could also be bleeding in these extrauterine areas throughout every menstrual interval. In consequence, adhesions within the tubes, belly membrane and cysts within the ovaries could happen. It’s incessantly seen in girls of reproductive age. It causes painful and heavy bleeding menstrual intervals. 15-20 p.c of the causes of infertility in girls are attributable to the reason for endometriosis.

What must be carried out: Endometriosis, which is seen as a critical risk to being pregnant, needs to be intervened immediately. IVF could also be required in superior circumstances.


Closed or broken fallopian tubes represent 5-10 p.c of the causes of infertility. Obstruction of the tubes may be attributable to earlier surgical procedure, endometriosis (ie chocolate cysts) or some sexually transmitted illnesses.

What must be carried out:
To start with, it’s essential to guarantee that the tubes aren’t open. In case of congestion within the tubes, in vitro fertilization is required as a result of the sperm cell doesn’t have an opportunity to succeed in the egg cell and fertilize it.

Causes for Not Getting Pregnant What is IVF treatment?

Causes for Not Getting Pregnant How to do IVF treatment ? Causes for Not Getting Pregnant in vitro fertilization method.

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