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You have got the conn! Summon your abilties in approach, fight, international relations, and management to master the damaging universe of celebrity trek fleet command.

star trek fleet command expands its universe with the launch of a today’s arc, star trek: the next era!

enter a galaxy on the brink of war as federation, klingon, and romulan forces vie for control of the alpha and beta quadrants. Find out an historic mystery that would tip the scales of strength forever.

because the commander of a starbase on the edge of civilized area, you will recruit iconic officials like james t. Kirk, spock, and nero — and construct powerful ships inclusive of the agency, the romulan warbird, and klingon fowl of prey.

be part of tens of millions of players — forge alliances, defeat your enemies, and build an epic fleet to comfy, or dominate, the galaxy.

discover peculiar new worlds, searching for out new lifestyles and new civilizations, boldly move wherein nobody has long gone before!
create or join powerful alliances to dominate big name structures and build the maximum effective empire within the galaxy.

be prepared to:
– enjoy epic warfare in a extensive, dynamic galaxy
– acquire, build, and improve iconic ships
– come across well-known celebrity trek™ characters in an epic, galaxy-spanning storyline
– help locals, combat pirates, or negotiate peace in masses of particular missions
– recruit well-known officials with unique, tactical abilities
– compete in faction wars amp; lead your starfleet to glory
– best friend yourself with federation, klingon, or romulan forces as they clash a few of the stars
– struggle is on the upward thrust – occupy enemies worlds and prepare for brand new galaxy order
– work with and towards heaps of different gamers in real-time
– construct, upgrade, and protect your celebrity base
– defeat your enemies in epic famous person wars amp; battles
– discover new technologies, deliver improvements, and assets
– take command of your fleet and overcome the universe

key capabilities:
– an open international, method mmorpg recreation
– mobile free to play
– stunning photographs
– iconic famous person trek™ characters, ships and tech
– fierce battles with players all around the global
– a new, immersive celebrity trek™ story within the kelvin timeline
come to be the chief or member of a powerful alliance
– multiple language alternatives

download megastar trek – fleet command nowadays and be part of hundreds of thousands all around the global.

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Star Trek™ Fleet Command Apk Mod Download


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