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Sticker ly Apk is a very popular application for Android users only. Apk Mod It is a collection of stickers and you can find almost all types of stickers and add them to your WhatsApp. As you already know, WhatsApp is a very famous messenger app and people all over the world are using the app in their daily life. With WhatsApp, we can send text, videos, images, Apk Mediafıre and other files easily.

Sticker ly Apk Also, WhatsApp comes with lots of features. And it is the best way to share and communicate with your friends and family. Now, the Stickers also a very awesome way to express yourself. People are really interested to share the Stickers on WhatsApp. Here comes into play.

Sticker ly Apk
Sticker ly Apk

Sticker ly Apk Actually, is the biggest library of amazing Stickers for sharing on WhatsApp. You can find almost all types of stickers like funny, memes, love, emotional, and a lot more. Also, if you want to create your own customize sticker then you can do it with its tools. Mod Apk comes with lots of features and we discuss all those in detail. So, you get an idea to use the app on your device.

Sticker ly Apk Today we going to provide the download Stickerly Mod Apk with Premium features. The developer of the app already provides the best features for free. But here you can access more flexibility and if you are interested to download Mod Apk then let’s dive right in.

Key Features of Mod Apk

As you know that comes with very helpful features for sharing awesome stickers on WhatsApp. Here you can easily know all the features in detail.

1. Explore Millions of Stickers for WhatsApp

Sticker ly Apk In the app, you can get millions of WhatsApp stickers and you can share with ease. When you open the app, you can find all the stickers pack and each pack contains lots of stickers. And, when you click one of the packs, you can see all the stickers and find a button to add to your WhatsApp. Also, you can send the sticker pack to your friends also.

Sticker ly Apk The best part of the Mod Apk, all the trending stickers also added to the first and you can easily access them and share them with your friends. Some stickers are Funny, Entertainment, Animals, Sports, Anime, Memes, Emojis, and a lot more.

2. Easy to Create Your Own Stickers

Sticker ly Apk The highlight of this app is to create your own stickers with your images, and gif. All you need to do, click on the plus button, and then you can select your photo. Using the auto cut technology, you can easily remove the background.

After removing the background, you need to add some text, caption, or quotes on the sticker. It creates some meaning and you can express yourself to your friends. Here you also can get different font styles and colors. Not only the solid color but also the gradient color on the text. Also, there are some photo editing tools that are available for easy editing and creating awesome stickers.

3. Export and Share Sticker ly Apk Easily

Sticker ly Apk After creating all your own sticker pack, and then export it to the app. When you export the stickers pack you need to add it to WhatsApp and then share it with friends, family.

The process to create and export the stickers is very easy. Any new users can easily understand and export your stickers on your device.

4. Short Status Video Download and Share

Sticker ly Apk Short videos are trending and people are very like the best short videos. Also, users want to share short videos on social media like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp also.

You can find all the trending short videos on the “Status” option. Here you can see all the videos and you can play them and share them directly. Not only you can share but also download the status videos on your device.

5. Wishing Stickers

Sticker ly Apk In the Sticker Tab, you can get all the wishing and other types of stickers. Here lots of different stickers are available. For example, Love, Good Morning, Good Night, Funny Memes, etc.

When you click on any sticker, a popup show where you can see a big preview add to WhatsApp, Save to your device.

How to Create Your Own Stickers in Stickerly Mod App?

Sticker ly Apk Not only you can use the pre-made stickers but also you able to create your own stickers. Here you get all the tools and options to create your own stickers and share on WhatsApp friends.

  • First, give the name of your own Sticker pack. It should unique and appropriate for your sticker group.
  • Use your image and remove the background with the tool. Then edit the color and all necessary things.
  • Give caption, quotes, and text for the meaningful sticker.
  • After editing and creating the sticker, export it to WhatsApp and share it with your WhatsApp contacts.

How to Download and Install Mod Apk Easily?

Download Mod Apk is very easy because of the direct download link of the Mod Apk file. At the top of the page, you can find the button and you need to click on it. After clicking on the button, the Mod Apk file starts to download on your Android device.

Sticker ly Apk After download the apk file, you need to install it on your device. Then you can use all the features for free. If you are a beginner then follow our installation guide to do it.

  1. Click on the Download button and then wait for the process.
  2. Then open the File Manager on your device and click on the Apk file.
  3. Click on the Install button and if you face any issue then click on the setting.
  4. Enable the “Unknown Sources”, if it was already disabled.
  5. Now, tap on the Install button and wait for a few seconds.

Sticker ly KURULUMU

Sticker ly Hileli Apk indirebilmek için öncelikle üst ve alt kısımda yer alan APK İNDİR butonlarına tıklamalısınız.

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