The Likelihood of IVF with Golden Eggs for Older Ladies

It’s acknowledged that the aged moms who’re within the “troublesome affected person” group in IVF remedies have the chance to have youngsters with the newly utilized “golden egg” technique.

Eurofertil In Vitro Fertilization Facilities Medical Director Op.Prof about superior age pregnancies, egg reserve, ovarian growing older, in vitro fertilization and elements that improve success. Dr. Hakan Özörnek offers the next data:

“A girl’s egg reserve is clear on the time she is born, this can’t be modified in any approach. How previous the lady is, the egg is identical age. Growing old eggs cut back the possibility of being pregnant. Whereas 8-10 eggs are collected from expectant moms of their 20-30s, the variety of egg collections from sufferers of their 40s drops to 1-2.

Each lady has a sure variety of eggs (egg reserve) of her personal at start. This quantity varies round 1-2 million. Throughout adolescence, this variety of eggs decreases to 400 thousand, that’s, as age progresses, the variety of eggs within the egg pond decreases. Particularly after the age of 36-37, the quantity and high quality of eggs decreases, reducing to about 25 thousand. After the age of 40, this occasion accelerates much more. Across the age of 45-50, the eggs are exhausted and the menopause interval begins. The ovaries can not perform and menstrual bleeding ceases.


The quantity and high quality of follicles (eggs) in a girl’s ovaries decide her capability to conceive. The possibility of conception decreases in a girl whose egg reserve decreases, and even when being pregnant is current, the danger of miscarriage will increase. Because of this, it is vitally vital to judge egg reserves, particularly in {couples} who need to have youngsters. As a result of the chronological age of the lady might not at all times go parallel with the ovarian age, generally the age of the ovary could also be larger than the age of the lady. In different phrases, the age of the lady could also be 25-30, the age of the ovary could also be 40.

Relying on the results of the analysis of the egg reserves, vital data is obtained in regards to the technique to be utilized for the therapy of infertility and the possibility of getting pregnant. The excessive egg reserve is a sign that the follicles within the ovaries of the lady are extreme and the probabilities of getting pregnant are excessive.

Right this moment, girls deciding to marry at a late age, or even when they get married, delay having youngsters on account of their profession plans is likely one of the largest obstacles to having youngsters sooner or later. Due to this fact, whether or not a girl is married or not. When he reaches the age of 30, he ought to have an ovarian reserve measurement. It shouldn’t be forgotten that single girls with low egg reserves now have the proper to freeze eggs. If married girls usually are not going to have youngsters instantly, it could be acceptable to examine them when it comes to egg reserve.

Thus, the possibility of getting a toddler could be decided and household planning could be performed accordingly.

The Likelihood of IVF with Golden Eggs for Older Ladies

Kiss. Dr. Hakan Özornek

Ultrasound examination is being performed
Ultrasound scanning performs an important function in gaining perception into fertility. As a result of with this technique, details about each egg reserve and egg quantity is obtained. Often the 2nd-Third of menstruation. Follicles are examined by ultrasound scanning. Having a minimum of 4 follicles on either side signifies that the lady has a great ovarian reserve.

Hormone exams are used
Right this moment, the hormone check that greatest determines the ovarian reserve is AMH (Anti-Multivating Hormone). This check exhibits us the ovarian capability. The largest benefit is that it’s performed in each interval of menstruation. If the results of this check is beneath 1, it means “hurry up”.

The outcomes are evaluated.
After gynecological examinations and exams, it’s doable to have a whole concept in regards to the quantity and high quality of eggs. On this case, even when you should not have any gynecological illness, it is strongly recommended that you don’t postpone the being pregnant course of if an issue has been revealed within the egg reserve.

. Age,
. Smoking behavior
. Earlier ovarian and cyst surgical procedure
. Chocolate cyst (endometrioma)
. Chemotherapy or radiotherapy
. Some genetic ailments, eg fragile X syndrome, mosaic turner syndrome
. Untimely menopause within the household


A brand new utility known as “golden egg” is getting used on the planet for expectant moms. Accordingly, we gather eggs with a 10-day therapy firstly of menstruation and freeze these eggs in expectant moms. 3-4 days after egg assortment, we gather eggs for the second time by making use of the identical remedy. We topic 4-5 eggs we obtained on this option to genetic testing. As a result of it is vitally seemingly that one of many 2 eggs transferred in girls over the age of 40 is genetically faulty. On this case, the possibility of conception decreases or being pregnant leads to miscarriage. So we gather eggs 2 instances in a menstrual cycle. On this approach, by amassing extra eggs, we’ve the possibility of wholesome and top quality eggs and excessive being pregnant on the similar time.

Generally known as “double stimulation”, this technique has been utilized around the globe for about three years. The tactic known as “golden egg” as a result of the outcomes are profitable and protected.

The Likelihood of IVF with Golden Eggs for Older Ladies What is IVF treatment?

The Likelihood of IVF with Golden Eggs for Older Ladies How to do IVF treatment ? The Likelihood of IVF with Golden Eggs for Older Ladies in vitro fertilization method.

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