Therapy of Male Infertility and IVF

Therapy of Male Infertility and IVF

Developments within the therapy of male infertility and new remedies utilized within the IVF methodology, particularly in recurrent IVF failures, VM Medical Park Pendik Hospital Gynecology and IVF Specialist Prof. Dr. Tayfun Alper instructed me.

What’s the fee of male infertility instances in infertility instances?

Infertility was beforehand thought of a ladies’s drawback. Over time, this concept has modified and is now being spoken for males. {couples} with infertility issues at the moment, nearly half of the {couples} have an issue in males. In different phrases, one third is just a girl, one third is just a person, and one third is an issue on each side.


There’s a methodology referred to as Rosi for the therapy of male infertility. What is that this rosi methodology? Which males have the chance to learn from this methodology as an answer for infertility?

Rosi was; however now the method has modified. It’s a methodology we use to achieve an answer on the factors we now have problem within the IVF therapy course of. Rosi shouldn’t be another, possibly it ought to be a final resort. When making IVF, we have to get one seed cell from each side. If there isn’t a extreme male drawback, it isn’t tough to get a male germ cell. However what we name azo sperm; In different phrases, when there are not any sperm cells within the sperm fluid, issues get tough. Sufferers with azo sperm drawback ought to first seek the advice of with urologists if it may be handled with remedy. If sperm can’t be obtained with drug remedy, surgical procedure comes into query. In response to among the instances, sperm might be present in 30 % and a few 50 % in a gaggle. However sadly, there’s nothing left for the group that we couldn’t discover with at the moment’s technical means. Perhaps the operations might be repeated. On this case, the strategy referred to as rosi comes into play. As a result of in some sufferers, regardless that the sperm can not mature, cells referred to as “Spherical Spermatid” might be discovered that can be utilized as sperm with just a little extra intervention or particular procedures. In brief, if no sperm might be discovered by surgical strategies, the precursor cells are eliminated. These precursor cells then bear particular processes. Because of the operations carried out with particular units, there could also be 10 sperm precursor cells and solely certainly one of them can work. These sperm precursor cells then operate as sperm. After the sperm precursor cells bear particular processes, their single nucleus is separated. It’s then injected into the egg like regular sperm. Nonetheless, it may be troublesome for the egg to begin to be stimulated as a result of there isn’t a sperm. For this, eggs are activated with particular units referred to as piezo electrical energy. After being activated, that precursor uncooked sperm is given and embryo formation is supplied.

What’s the success fee of the Rosi methodology?

We are able to say 10 % for the success fee; In different phrases, 1 out of 100 rosi efforts can solely end in being pregnant. Nonetheless, this methodology is identical for individuals who have tried remedy or surgical procedures, in brief, however haven’t been profitable. For individuals on this group, 10 % is a severe determine. Success charges in IVF are rising by 1 % yearly. The methods are getting higher. As soon as in vitro fertilization was carried out with a hit fee of 12-13 %, now it’s now 60-70 %, particularly in younger sufferers. Nonetheless, in the remainder of the sufferers, other than the younger sufferers, sadly, this fee decreases after 40.

Therapy of Male Infertility and IVF

Prof. Dr. Storm


Which males want sperm freezing? May you give some details about egg and embryo freezing?

At present, sadly, ailments similar to most cancers have elevated. There may be additionally a treatment for these ailments; Nonetheless, remedies similar to chemotherapy can later harm sperm high quality. For this, sperm freezing earlier than therapy may be very helpful. Frozen sperm can be utilized even after 5-10 years. The identical is true for girls. However in contrast to males, it is a bit more tough to get ladies’s egg cells. These have a periodicity. They want a while due to that periodicity. Eggs are developed, taken and frozen as in the event that they had been to be ready in vitro. If the particular person is married and the couple needs, it will also be frozen as an embryo.


What are the developments that enhance the success of IVF particularly in infertility brought on by ladies?

With the event of expertise, we are attempting to feed the seed cells we obtain in IVF therapy beneath higher circumstances. The success fee will increase as we allow them to develop beneath higher circumstances. However earlier than this course of, expertise has nothing to do. Right here women and men have duties. To ensure that sperm and egg cells to be wholesome, it’s essential to keep away from smoking, alcohol, stress, sedentary life and malnutrition. On this means, the seed cells we are going to receive from the one who regulates himself will probably be higher.

What number of occasions can IVF be tried?

IVF is a device; In different phrases, beneath regular circumstances, you can provide an opportunity to an individual who has an opportunity spontaneously in every menstrual interval with this therapy, not spontaneously, however with IVF, vaccination. So there isn’t a higher restrict. However each materials and religious individuals have an endurance. This course of can progress relying on the couple’s state of affairs, materials and religious energy.

At present Turkey the place, on the earth of medication IVF therapy? many {couples} are coming from overseas to Turkey to IVF. Which nations do they largely come from?

There are individuals coming from Iraq, Syria and Central Asia. These coming from Europe want it largely due to the favorable financial circumstances; however they’re conscious that we’re not inferior by way of high quality. Turkish residents dwelling overseas undoubtedly want our nation, contemplating the success charges in several nations, doctor-patient communication and financial state of affairs. There are additionally sufferers from America; as a result of they’ll see that there’s a hole compared with costs in Turkey costs and our success fee as I mentioned earlier than, we don’t keep down.

Therapy of Male Infertility and IVF What is IVF treatment?

Therapy of Male Infertility and IVF How to do IVF treatment ? Therapy of Male Infertility and IVF in vitro fertilization method.

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