What's the Egg Freezing Course of?

What’s the Egg Freezing Course of?

Many people reside in a really intense and worrying rush, and this case impacts the reproductive cells, ie the egg and sperm high quality. Traumatic life, exhausting work, malnutrition and GMO meals have unfavorable results on egg and sperm high quality and trigger critical issues through the years. Memorial Ankara Hospital IVF Division Head Prof. Dr. Aygül Demirol gave details about the elements affecting fertility potential.

Particularly for all married or single girls after the age of 30, it is rather essential for each basic well being management and reproductive well being to be taught their basic ovulation potential, ovarian reserve and fertility index.


With the newest authorized rules, egg freezing could be performed in instances the place it’s seen that the ovarian reserve is getting older and the ovarian reserve has decreased. With this course of, it’s aimed to not lose the prospect of turning into a mom because of the lower or depletion of eggs sooner or later. It is very important plan the process within the acceptable interval, to arrange the eggs of that interval for freezing by stimulating them with patient-friendly protocols with out using high-dose medicine in skilled palms and with out unwanted effects. Within the egg freezing course of, a low dose anesthesia is utilized with out feeling ache. Particular purposes for single sufferers could be utilized in a manner that doesn’t trigger any issues. It is crucial that this process is carried out in dependable, giant hospitals in order that the affected person doesn’t expertise any issues sooner or later. In freezing know-how, the purpose will not be solely to freeze the egg, however to attain a wholesome being pregnant with in vitro fertilization know-how after the eggs are thawed.


Genetic and environmental elements are additionally essential in figuring out fertility potential and / or ovarian reserve. Nonetheless, primarily genetic construction is of nice significance in figuring out ovarian reserve. Nonetheless, ovarian reserve could be severely affected over time by dwelling situations, diet, stress, environmental poisonous substances, however there are such genetic elements that no matter is completed can’t be corrected. Such conditions can solely be understood when a girl’s in vitro fertilization applied sciences are utilized, her eggs are collected, processed and analyzed step-by-step within the laboratory, however such issues should not quite common in a proportion. With regards to genetic issue, not solely chromosome evaluation, which is examined in blood assessments, is supposed, however many environmental elements are efficient in figuring out egg and sperm high quality. The standard of the egg and sperm can’t be understood simply by wanting on the chromosome evaluation. As well as, hormonal imbalances and ovulation issues could lie beneath menstrual irregularities. Such conditions also needs to be evaluated when it comes to fertility potential and ovarian reserve.


Many research reveal that Mediterranean and Aegean delicacies is the perfect eating regimen and positively impacts egg reserves. It is very important keep away from pastries and fatty meals at any time when doable. As well as, meals containing trans fat have a unfavorable impact on fertility, and meals ready by frying include excessive ranges of trans fats. Vitamin wealthy in protein is essential for fertility potential. Along with protein, naturally fed animal meats are wealthy in nutritional vitamins and iron, inexperienced leafy greens, darkish coloured vegatables and fruits are wealthy in antioxidants. As well as, extreme consumption of tea and occasional and carbonated drinks must be averted, as they’ve a unfavorable impact on fertility. For egg reserve and fertility potential, it is rather essential to eat a nutritious diet, to attenuate stress elements, to be free from poisonous substances, to keep away from smoking and alcohol. As well as, it shouldn’t be forgotten that genetics are essential for egg and sperm high quality. Whether or not married or single, with or with out kids, common check-ups are essential for a wholesome life and future.

What’s the Egg Freezing Course of? What is IVF treatment?

What’s the Egg Freezing Course of? How to do IVF treatment ? What’s the Egg Freezing Course of? in vitro fertilization method.

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