Who desires to be a mom mustn't go the age of 35!

Who desires to be a mom mustn’t go the age of 35!

Infertility has been on the agenda currently. IAU VM Medical Park Florya Hospital Gynecology, Obstetrics and IVF Specialist Prof. Dr. Banu Kumbak Aygun mentioned, “A weight loss plan kind can’t be held accountable for the explanations of infertility. In IVF, the age of the expectant mom and the doctor making use of the remedy are essential, ”he mentioned.

Each couple desires of the day they turn into dad and mom. These days, one of many greatest issues of {couples} just isn’t having the ability to have kids. It’s mentioned that the incidence of infertility has elevated in society and that is associated to vitamin. Prof. Dr. Banu Kumbak Aygun gave info that may sprinkle water on the hearts of {couples} who’re afraid of infertility.


Infertility is the lack of a pair with common sexual life to conceive inside 1 12 months. In a pair presenting with infertility issues, semen evaluation carried out after 3-4 days of sexual abstinence, uterine x-ray (HSG) in girls, gynecological examination and ultrasonographic analysis of the lady and hormone exams are the essential examinations required in step one analysis. In vitro fertilization might be utilized to each lady who has menstruation, however age issue and ovarian capability are an important components figuring out the success of the remedy. IVF remedy is utilized in three levels: 1st stage stimulation of the ovaries, that’s, monitoring the event of sacs (follicles) containing eggs by ultrasonography takes 10-12 days. Within the second stage of the remedy, the eggs are collected with anesthesia and the sperms taken from the companion are microinjected on the identical day and synthetic insemination is carried out within the laboratory. Fertilized eggs are known as ’embryos’ and the event of the embryos shaped is adopted for 3-5 days within the laboratory. Embryo switch, which is the final stage of the remedy, is a 5-10-minute course of and 1 or 2 embryos with one of the best growth are left within the uterus within the laboratory. Therapy ends with this stage. Then, some medicines are used and the results of the remedy is revealed with the being pregnant take a look at carried out within the blood 10-12 days after the embryo switch.


One embryo is transferred to girls below the age of 35, which is the primary try. In girls over the age of 35, 2 embryos might be transferred, but when the embryo high quality is nice, a single embryo might be given. Thus, the chance of a number of being pregnant is minimized. One other necessary consider IVF remedy is an skilled infertility doctor. The doctor who initiates and conducts the remedy and carries out the remedy performs a key function. The technical tools of the laboratory and an skilled embryologist who performs fertilization and embryo follow-up processes within the laboratory are additionally necessary within the success of the remedy. On account of unsuccessful makes an attempt, 2-3 months might be waited. On this course of, the causes of the adverse outcome are investigated. In girls with superior age or with restricted ovarian reserve, there is no such thing as a ready interval and must be evaluated each month.


Embryo switch is a process that takes 5-10 minutes, doesn’t require anesthesia, is painless, and one of the best embryos are left to the uterus with a really skinny catheter. It doesn’t trigger any discomfort besides that the bladder should be full. 3 days of home relaxation is really helpful after the switch.


A weight loss plan kind can’t be held accountable among the many causes of infertility. Nonetheless, it’s recognized that weight problems has adverse results on fertility potential and being pregnant. Whereas the adverse results of weight might be on fertility potential, it additionally brings dangers reminiscent of miscarriage threat when being pregnant happens, untimely start threat, elevated blood strain throughout being pregnant and gestational diabetes. Carbohydrate-weighted vitamin just isn’t really helpful for ladies each through the remedy course of and through being pregnant. A extra protein-based weight loss plan (reminiscent of milk, eggs, cheese, yoghurt, pumpkin seeds, lentils, chickpeas…) is really helpful. However, it’s thought that dietary supplements wealthy in antioxidants (reminiscent of pink grapes, plums, inexperienced tea, broccoli, carrots, garlic, tomatoes…) could have constructive results for egg high quality. Once more, to enhance sperm high quality, non-smoking and antioxidant-based vitamin will probably be helpful. In the course of the embryo switch interval, consideration must be paid to much less saturated fats consumption, and extra consideration must be paid to ingesting water. As well as, consideration must be paid to avoiding stress throughout remedy.

Who desires to be a mom mustn’t go the age What is IVF treatment?

Who desires to be a mom mustn’t go the age How to do IVF treatment ? Who desires to be a mom mustn’t go the age in vitro fertilization method.

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